European History Minor

Effective August 2017, this major will be replaced by the new History Minor.

Always très chic, those who minor in European history embrace the possibilities of life, even when the train from Milan to Zürich is running late. They tend to love good friends, music, art, books and crème brûlée-often in that order.

As Mark Twain once remarked, in Paris even the children speak French. In the rest of Europe they also speak Spanish, Italian, German, and more. Plus, the study of European history has helped many a wandering soul scale the heights of mental, intellectual, and social fulfillment, especially when combined with a steady regimen of travel.

So, come to the world of Kings, Popes, Russian Revolutionaries and comrades of all sorts! Nothing says breath-taking culture and dramatic self-destruction quite like it.

History minors are a great way to explore the discipline, especially for those with a fear of commitment, since each minor requires only six courses.

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