U.S. History Minor

Effective August 2017, this major will be replaced by the new History Minor.

Students who minor in U.S. history tend to know the names of every president, even the forgettable ones.

They have several goals in life, some of which may entail traveling to all of the states (including Canada), walking the length of every civil war battlefield, viewing the new inaugural gown added to The First Ladies exhibit at the Smithsonian every four years, and eating piles of jellied cranberry on Thanksgiving while enlightening their dinner partners about the artificiality of this particular "holiday."

U.S. history students take pride in their mastery of the indigenous language and their ability to shout "USA" at sporting events, including but not limited to the World Series and Super Bowl.

Nothing says history like a national paradigm, so why not make it your own?

History minors are a great way to explore the discipline, especially for those with a fear of commitment, since each minor requires only six courses.

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