SurgeryPlus is a supplemental benefit for non-emergent surgeries that provides access to hundreds of surgical procedures across a number of categories for a lower costs to the participant!

This benefit does not replace your existing health plan. The SurgeryPlus benefit is an additional benefit for those enrolled in the Roanoke College health plan(s) 4 and HDHP 7 (currently, SurgeryPlus is not opened to plan 9 HMO).

If you are enrolled in PPO plan 4, your surgery is free. If you are enrolle in HDHP plan 7, your coinsurance is waived and you will pay the remainder of your deductible that is collected prior to your procedure!

What do I need to do when enrolling in benefits to ensure this benefit is available to me?

SurgeryPlus is available to those employees and eligible dependents enrolled in the Roanoke College health plan(s) 4 and HDHP 7.  If you elect plan(s) 4 and HDHP 7 coverage as a new hire or during open enrollment, you will be enrolled in the SurgeryPlus, no additional action is required.

Do I have to find a surgeon?

SurgeryPlus has already located and screened the area’s quality surgeons who have met a rigorous credentialing process, which includes a review of all applicable medical qualifications. SurgeryPlus only works with quality surgeons in the area. To utilize the SurgeryPlus benefit, you must select a surgeon within the SurgeryPlus network. Care Advocates will provide you with a selection of credentialed surgeons from which you can choose.

What are the types of services offered by the SurgeryPlus benefit?

The SurgeryPlus® benefit provides access to hundreds of surgical procedures in specific categories such as: Spine,General Surgery, Genitourinary, Orthopedic, Ear, Nose & Throat, Cardiac, GI, and Pain Management.

Examples of procedures covered are hernia repair, hysterectomy, colonoscopy, tendon release, spine injections and fusions, knee replacements, and many more.

Do I have to travel to use the SurgeryPlus benefit?

Depending on the type of surgery you need and where you live, you may have to travel to access SurgeryPlus surgeons. When utilizing the SurgeryPlus benefit, some of the cost of travel and lodging is covered for procedures that are greater than 100 miles. If travel is needed, your Care Advocate will make all travel arrangements and coordinate payment so that you may focus on your health and recovery.

SurgeryPlus Contact Information

Website: SurgeryPlus Website 


Toll-Free Number: (833) 512-1174

Additional Information and Resources:

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