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INNOVATION Award Nomination Form

Deadline for submission, November 12, 2010

INNOVATION Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Name of Nominee(s):
(Individual, group or department nominations will be considered)
Job Title:
The Roanoke College Innovation Award recognizes innovation at Roanoke College. The aim of the award is to recognize and encourage thinking that sustains innovation as one of Roanoke's most remarkable traditions and assets. The award recognizes activities, programs, practices and events that lead to new thinking and behavior for the betterment of the College and its students. Consideration is given to individuals or groups who actively participate and engage in achieving one or more of the following:

1. Improve students' learning environment, the college's and/or department's work environment.
2. Improve collaboration and/or communication within and between departments
3. Advance the college's strategic goals.
4. Advance the annual goals of the college and/or division.
5. Save time and/or resources and eliminate wastefulness.
6. Contribute to a climate of ongoing improvements and change.
1. Describe the activity, program, practice or event that you feel should be considered for the innovation award. Please describe how it accomplishes one or more of the benefits outlined above.

2. Describe the efforts and contributions of the individual or group to the project being cited.

3. Please provide other information that may be pertinent to this nomination.

Name of Nominator: