STAR Award Nomination Form Service To All Roanoke

Deadline for submission: November 12, 2010

STAR Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Name of Nominee:
Job Title:
Length of Service:
(Please estimate if specific length not known)
Positive consideration for this award presumes a high standard of performance in the position held by the candidate. The award recognizes individuals who act above and beyond the call of duties of their position at Roanoke College. Consideration for the STAR award will be given to individuals who actively participate and engage in one or more of the following areas.

Note: It is not necessary to fill out each section below, but you must complete at least one section. Stronger candidates will have more than one section completed.
1. List the student related activities (performances, programs, academic events, athletic events etc.) the nominee attended over the past year, in which the nominee had direct involvement with students. This should include involvement above and beyond the realm of the employee's job description.

2. In what ways did the nominee create a better college community through demonstrations of support and concern for fellow employees in times of personal need?

3. Describe how the nominee works cooperatively with fellow employees. How does this person display a positive attitude and help to create a more collaborative college community?

4. Describe the nominee's civic service, religious-related service or volunteer work beyond the college community (in the nominee's home community) that helps to improve the quality of life and/or the environment.

5. Describe the ways the nominee has raised the visibility and prestige of Roanoke College through involvement with professional organizations or in professional capacities.

6. Please provide other information that may be pertinent to this nomination.

Name of Nominator:


If this is a self-nomination, Human Resources will contact your Supervisor for his/her approval.