May 2022 Travel Courses

Applications are closed for May 2022 Travel courses. 

Can we have travel courses in May 2022 given the COVID pandemic? We hope so and anticipate that travel will be safe and allowed, but we still can't really predict what the world will be like in May 2022. The College will review the world pandemic situation in January of 2022 and, should a course need to be canceled at that time, all fees paid to the College for the course will be refunded (including the $300 deposit which is normally non-refundable).

Note that more information about each of the courses, including dates, better fee estimates, advertising posters, and videos, will be posted as the summer goes on. We recommend waiting until September to apply.  

Closed: INQ-177-L Greek Landscape and Literature: The Oresteia in Context

Instructor: Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris
Prerequisites: Permission
Fee: $5500, includes airfare from a major US airport, in-country transportation, accommodations, entrance fees, and two meals per day)
On location in Greece, May 10 - May 30, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs and Fortnightly Scholarships

The Oresteia trilogy, first performed in 458 BCE, tells the story of Orestes, son of the royal family of Argos: a tragic tale of betrayal, murder, and revenge spread over three distinct regions of Greece. The Oresteia also offers an account of Athens' emergence from the archaic past into the Golden Age of democracy and leadership among other Greek city-states, crowned by the Parthenon on the Acropolis. Following in the footsteps of Orestes, we will explore an island, mountains, ancient archeological sites, and the modern city of Athens in order to experience the role of landscape in Greek culture.   

Closed: INQ/ENST-277-P Sustainability & Spirituality in the Pacific Northwest
Instructor: Dr. Laura Hartman
Prerequisite: Permission
Fee:$2612, Includes airfare, onsite transportation, lodging, most meals, and entrance fees)
On location in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, dates May 5 - 29, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Fortnightly Scholarship

Holden Village is a very special place. Formerly a mining camp in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, Holden was bought by Lutherans who transformed it into a phenomenon that is hard to describe. Part eco-village, part religious community; part village, part retreat center; remote, yet grounding; creative, yet rooted in tradition. In our time at Holden, we will participate in its daily rhythms and study its environmental sustainability. In so doing, we will learn to answer questions about renewal, restoration, reformation, and ritual. The place itself is our primary text and students will learn to articulate what they learn through creative projects.

Closed: INQ-177-A The National Park System: Explore Your America
Instructor: Dr. Chris Lassiter
Prerequisite: Permission
Fee: $3110
On location in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado, dates May 18 - June 3, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Fortnightly and Fowler Legacy Scholarships

This domestic travel course explores the National Park Service (NPS) through a discussion of the areas it protects and the history of the NPS itself. The course will explore units of the NPS that focus on biological, historical, and cultural sites of importance in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Biological diversity from deserts to alpine ecosystems will be explored along with historical and cultural areas. The course includes discussion of important events in NPS history (Roosevelt, Muir, and the Civilian Conservation Corps) as well.

Closed: INQ-277-O Walking the Camino de Santiago
Instructor: Dr. Lynn Talbot
Prerequisite: Permission
Fee: $3400
On location in Spain, dates May 9 - June 3, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs, and Fortnightly Scholarships

Why did medieval peoples choose to walk hundreds of miles to visit relics? Why do people today choose to follow these same routes? Discover the answers to these questions as we walk the ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route across northern Spain. We will visit medieval shrines, study art, architecture, and history while sharing the path, meals and pilgrim dormitories with hundreds of other modern-day pilgrims. This course will be taught in English while on location in Spain.

Closed: INQ-277-R Living Like Gods in Greece
Instructor: Dr. Hans Zorn
Prerequisite: Permission
Fee: $5430
On location in Greece, dates May 16 - June 1, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs, and Fortnightly Scholarships

What is the best way to live our lives? This course goes to Greece in search of answers to that question, answers that continue to resonate with us today. We will look at two different answers from two different civilizations, the ancient Greek Bronze Age depicted in Homer’s Iliad and the classical age of Greek culture that was home to Socrates and Plato. Widely different as their ideals of the good life were, they agreed that it is god-like, a life of such excellence that it that transcends the bounds of mortal existence. So the question becomes, what does it mean to live like a god? What could it have meant for them, and what could it mean for us?

Closed: INQ/HIST-277-S 1492: History and Memory
Instructor: Dr. Ivonne Wallace Fuentes
Prerequisite: Permission
Fee: $4340
On location in Spain, dates May 8 - 31, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs, and Fortnightly Scholarships

Why was 1492 a momentous year? How do we understand and remember Columbus, but also the Catholic Kings capturing of Granada, ending 700 years of Islamic rule, and their forcing Jews to choose between conversion and exile a few months later? This travel class explores these three pivotal moments in the history of Spain and the early modern world: the conquest of Granada; the expulsion of the Jews and the creation of the Sephardic diaspora; and the Columbus voyage which brought together the fates of Africa, the Americas, and Europe. We will focus on how these events are understood, explained, and commemorated in Spanish public historical practice in museums and memorials. This class is thus about 1492, but also about how we understand 1492 today and what it has come to represent to us, more than five hundred years later.

Closed: INQ/HIST-277-T The Emergence of Germany: Key Moments
Instructor: Dr. Rob Willingham
Prerequisite: Permission
Fee: $4500
On location in Germany, dates May 16 - 31, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs, Fortnightly, and Fowler Legacy Scholarships

This course examines the development of German history through studies of critical turning points: possible areas of focus might include the Lutheran Reformation of the 16th Century, the appointment of Hitler as the German Chancellor in 1933, the Kristallnacht riots of November 1938, the Soviet occupation of Eastern Germany in 1945, and the collapse of the German Democratic Republic in 1989.

Closed: INQ/SPAN-377-A The Legacy of Contemporary Argentinean Female Writers
Instructors: Dr. Jose Banuelos Montes & Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva
Prerequisite: SPAN-202
Fee: $4600
On location in Argentina, dates May 8 - 24, 2022

Eligible for scholarship support: Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs, and Fortnightly Scholarships

This course examines the relevance of four contemporary female Argentinean writers and their contribution to the Hispanic literary world. The selected writers through their works not only innovate with literary devices but they inform and create a new role model for women in Latin American Society. Using literary texts and historical documents, the course points out the significance of contemporary Argentinean female writers' fight to find their own voice and place within Latin American society.