Living Like Gods in Greece

Dr. Zorn talks about his May Term 2022 travel course to Greece

What is this travel course about?

What is the best way to live our lives? We will go to Greece in search of answers to that question. We will look at the ancient Greek Bronze Age depicted in Homers Iliad & the classical age of Greek culture that was home to Socrates and Plato. Widely different from their ideals of the good life were, they agreed that it is god-like, a life of such excellence that it transcends the bounds of mortal existence. So the question becomes, what does it mean to live like a god? What could it have meant for them, and what could it mean for us?

What are the dates of the travel course?

 May 16 - June 1, 2022

How much is the program fee?


Should I prepare to cover other costs?

Don't let the program fee scare you away. You will not have to prepare to cover a lot of other costs. This fee for this May Term to Greece includes all expenses except for lunch! You may also want to bring some extra money for souvenir shopping. Airfare, in-country transportation, hotels, breakfast, and all dinners are included in the fee. 

Are there scholarships available for this travel course?

Eligible for scholarship support: Gilman, Measure of a Maroon, Cobbs, and Fortnightly Scholarships

How do I apply? 

Apply Here!

For more information:

Please see this PowerPoint guide on Living Like Gods in Greece