Study Abroad Student Emissary (SAS-E)

Have you participated in a Roanoke College study abroad program?  Do you want to share your abroad experience with other Roanoke students? 

Become SAS-E (a study abroad student emissary)!

SAS-Es serve as returnee contacts for their host program and represent RC study abroad at campus-wide events, programs for new study abroad participants, and promotional outreach activities.

Why join SAS-E? 

The SAS-E program is an opportunity to: 

  • Learn how to articulate your study abroad experience 
  • Connect with other study abroad students 
  • Gain marketing, leadership, and public speaking experience 
  • Promote international education on campus

Tasks & Responsibilities: 

  • Assist the International Education staff with events and recruiting initiatives 
  • Answer student queries about your program, host country and studying abroad in general via email or face to face meetings 
  • Participate in the study abroad social media pages 

Time Commitment:

  • Commitment varies throughout the academic year depending on event schedule and specific program outreach
  • Ambassadors must attend a mandatory orientation in the fall semester and a couple of other group meetings each semester

Desired Traits & Qualifications 

  • Previous participation on a study abroad program
  • Ability to holistically reflect upon and articulate a variety of topics from semester(s) abroad
  • Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and positive attitude regarding international experiences while representing RC Study Abroad   
  • Reliability and accountability for overall responsibilities and timely correspondence with staff members  
  • Enthusiasm and passion for study abroad 

How to apply: 

Complete application form here

Application Deadline: September 15!

Meet our current SAS-E crew member: Charissa Roberson

Charissa Study Abroad Picture

Name: Charissa Roberson

Major: Creative Writing & French

Study Abroad Program: Ulster University, Magee campus

Host Country: Northern Ireland 

Advice for future study abroad students: 

Get involved right away! Join a club on campus, take a class in town, attend local events, plan a trip -- it's a good way to combat homesickness, and it helps you make new friends. Go out of your way to be kind and welcoming to others, just as you'd like to be treated yourself. And take advantage of every opportunity you can -- your time abroad will be over before you know it, and every memory made will be a treasure to look back on later.

Plans/Goals for the future: 

I hope to continue writing, either in a professional capacity such as copywriting or working for a magazine, or in my free time as I pursue an alternative career path. I would also be interested in film/video production and translation or teaching work in French. If international travel is a part of any of those jobs, I would be thrilled!

Favorite memory of study abroad:

Attending the Ennis Trad Festival with my friends! Every year, Ennis (a little town near Galway) hosts a traditional music festival, where people from all over come to play and listen to music. We roamed from pub to pub, soaking in all the merry chaos, and listened to lively Irish music all through the day and night. I even got to play my fiddle with a few groups! It was one of my favorite weekends (and trips) during my time there.

Previous Years SAS-E Crew Members:

Kacie Crosswhite

Majors: Sociology and Criminal Justice

Study Abroad Program: ISEP  
Host Country: Scotland  

Advice for future study abroad students: Keep a journal, be flexible when things don't go as you planned or expected (they inevitably will at some point), and be willing to step out of your comfort zone  

Future Plans: One of my only definite plans for the future is to travel as much as possible. I would love a career that would allow me to do that; I cannot say for certain what that will be, but I do know travel will always be a priority in my life.  

One of my favorite memories from study abroad was my solo trip up the east coast of Scotland. It was a time of early mornings, scenic train rides, castles on the coast, lattes, and new people. I was hesitant to try the solo excursion, but it was one of the coolest and most freeing experiences I have ever had.

Leah Dietrich

Major: Sociology and Spanish

Study Abroad Program: USAC
Host Country: San Sebastián, Spain

Advice for future study abroad students: Don't be afraid to make mistakes, have fun with it!

Plans/goals for the future: traveling/teaching abroad; working in a study abroad office

Favorite memory: watching sunsets on the beach with my friends

Maddy Harwood


Name: Maddy Harwood

Major: Business Administration w/ Concentration in Human Resources Management 
Study Abroad Program: Umbra Institute
Host Country: Perugia, Italy

Advice for future study abroad students: the best way to learn is through traveling. Take the trip, meet new people, try new things. You will always have your home and your comfort, go try something new!  Plans/Goals for the future: ideally work for an international non-profit in their HR department and have them send me to work in Europe! 

Most embarrassing cultural misstep: getting lost in the Swiss countryside while visiting Geneva Switzerland, to only find ourselves in rural France during a storm while trying to walk our way back to Switzerland to then learn we were an hour bus ride away from our Hostel. Turned out being one of my favorite travel stories even though nothing that day went as planned! 

Anika Holzer

Name: Anika Holzer

Major: Art History, minor in Mathematics
Study Abroad Program: USAC- University of College Cork
Host Country: Ireland

Advice for future study abroad students: Try and find a way to do something that you love while you're abroad! Doing something familiar will be comforting but it will incorporate bits of you new culture as well.

Plans/Goals for the future: I hope to be a teacher abroad or to work in international education

Favorite memory: Over spring break I got to go on a Ferry boat to spend three days hiking in Wales! I hiked the tallest mountain in the southern UK and drank the best hot chocolate. 

 Paige Olausen

Name: Paige Olausen

Major: Environmental Studies
Study Abroad Program: James Cook University
Host Country: Australia

Advice for future study abroad students:
Budget well- don't run out of money going out to eat or drink when you could travel

Plans/Goals for the future: Phd program in Environmental Epidemiology and cardiovascular disease

Favorite memory- diving on the great barrier reef or visiting Japan and new Zealand on a whim

Becca Thompson

Name: Becca Thompson

Major: Psychology (with minors in Spanish and sociology, and a concentration in anthropology)
Study Abroad Program: USAC Massey
Host Country: New Zealand

Advice for future study abroad students: GO! Studying abroad was the greatest experience of my life. I had so much fun exploring a country on the other side of the world, and now I have a home in New Zealand. 

Plans/Goals for the future: I hope to RETURN to New Zealand to obtain a Master's degree in applied Social Work before pursuing a law degree!

Favorite memory: Skydiving from 17000 ft over Lake Taupo!