Student Global Council

Have you participated in a Roanoke College study abroad program?

Do you want to share your abroad experience with other Roanoke students? 

Become a member of the Student Global Council! 

Student Global Council members are returned Roanoke College study abroad students who volunteer for outreach activities and serve as returnee contacts for their program. Members of the Student Global Council provide a student perspective that aids the international education staff in the development of effective study abroad policies and procedures. 

Why join the Student Global Council? 

The Student Global Council program is an opportunity to: 

  • Learn how to articulate your study abroad experience 
  • Connect with other study abroad students 
  • Gain leadership and public speaking experience 
  • Improve marketing and recruitment skills 
  • Promote international education on campus

Tasks & Responsibilities: 

  • Participate in a mandatory training session (TBD dependent upon student schedules) 
  • Attend a one hour Council meeting each month 
  • Create a "Digital Story" (a brief video about your study abroad experience)
  • Assist the International Education staff with events and recruiting initiatives 
  • Answer student queries about your program, host country and studying abroad in general via email or face to face meetings 
  • Actively participate in the study abroad social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) 

Desired Traits & Qualifications 

  • Previous participation on a study abroad program 
  • Enthusiasm and passion for study abroad 
  • Adept at identifying peer interests and needs to assist with the promotion of study abroad 
  • Willingness to promote study abroad through participating in at least two of these activities: 

-Brief classroom visits 
-Weekly informational table at lunch time (starting in November) 
-Study Abroad Fair 
-Presentation panel at Family Weekend 
-Information Session during International Education Week 
-Pre-Departure Orientation in November/April 

How to apply: 

Electronic application form can be found here

Application Deadline: October 1st!