Massey University

Massey University

Massey University's prestigious and innovative courses are available for study abroad students across five colleges: Business, Education, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Creative Arts-including an extensive program in Maori Visual and Performing Arts. Massey University operates three campuses located in different cities on the North Island of New Zealand. Each campus offers a unique environment in which to study and immerse yourself in the local culture. New Zealand semesters differ from those in the US. You may participate in one of two semesters; Semester 1 runs from February to June and Semester 2 runs from July to November.

Courses popular with international students include Fauna and Flora of New Zealand, New Zealand Environmental Issues, Understanding New Zealand Geology, Contemporary New Zealand Literature, Maori Language, New Zealand Cinema, and New Zealand Economy. The university's strengths also include Aviation, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Communication, Design, Environmental and Ecological Studies, Finance, Forestry, Food Technology, Genetics, Human Nutrition, Psychology, Performance Jazz, Science, Sociology, and Sports Studies.


Roanoke College students pay Roanoke College tuition and fees. Qualified Roanoke College students may request to have their financial aid applied to the cost of one semester of tuition for study at Massey University.

Housing, meals, transportation, student visas, and health insurance, among other incidental expenses, remain the responsibility of the student.