Students will all be enrolled in the following 4 units for the Yucatan semester. Courses are taught in intensive modular sections as you move around the Yucatan to our three facility locations: Merida, OxKutzCab, and Akil.

SPANISH 100-300:  This course will be taught by instructors at a local language school in Merida. Students will be placed at their competency level;beginners to advanced speakers will be accommodated. While taking Spanish, students will be assigned homestays with local families to practice the language and immerse more in the culture. 

ANTHROPOLOGY 261 Reading the Maya Ruins: This course examines ancient Mayan art and architecture to understand the cultural and environmental history of the region. Based at the OxKutzCab center, this course includes field trips to important archaeological sites and is taught by renowned Mexican archaeologist Dr. Tomas Gallareta. 

EDUC 260 Special Studies in Education. Taught by Roanoke faculty leader Katie Elmore. Students will explore current curriculum and pedagogical practices in the schools of Merida as a cultural comparison to practices in U.S. public schools. Actual classroom visits and guided observations will provide field-based immersion opportunities coupled with classroom instruction on learning theories and instructional philosophies.

INQ260 EDUC– Global “Exploring Culture Through the Power of Story” Taught by Roanoke faculty leader Katie Elmore. Introduces the methodologies of the social sciences through an inquiry-focused approach to a topic. This course seeks to develop students' critical thinking skills through the exploration and application of social scientific methods with an emphasis on ethnography. Using observations, and personal interviews students will explore and collect qualitative data while developing cross-cultural, interpersonal, and communication skills in the context of everyday life in a new culture.

In addition to the 4 courses for credit, students in the Yucatan semester will also participate in two additional projects:
1Group Community Service Project that will provide students an opportunity to learn more about the social and cultural challenges and opportunities facing the local people in the region.
2. Digital Storytelling Workshop that will teach students a methodology for processing and articulating stories about their experience in the Yucatan in a digital form.