Kaxil Kiuic

Kaxil Kiuic is Millsaps' off-the-grid biocultural reserve in the Puuc region of the Yucatan.  It consists of 4,000 acres of dry tropical forest and contains within it the ancient Maya center of Kiuic as well as the remains of the historic community of San Sebastian.

The abundant and diverse flora and fauna found within the reserve make it one of the best remaining zones of dry tropical forest in the Yucatan Peninsula. The reserve is used for research, education, outreach and preservation activities.  Many of the Mayan people in the surrounding villages work at the reserve or in collaboration with the reserve's activities.

Kaxil Kiuic is dedicated to preserving the environment and the cultural heritage of the Maya by promoting knowledge through educational programs that focus on sustainability. 

There are residential, dining, and teaching facilities at Kiuic.  Students sleep in hammocks in dormitory-style small buildings.  There are separate accommodations for faculty, also with hammocks for beds.   Full-time staff that manage the reserve include a cook who prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   

Although the reserve is off-the-grid, there is internet capability and electricity. The facilities include a lab and classroom meeting space. 

RC Students in Kaxil Kiuic       RC Students in Kaxil Kiuic