Massey University - New Zealand

Institutional Context:

Massey University has three campuses across New Zealand, and the art coursework is taught primarily at the Wellington Campus, the College of Creative Arts. A typical full time course load at Massey is 60 NZ credits per semester. Courses can be 15, 30, or 45 NZ credits. Specific Roanoke College equivalencies for each transfer unit awarded will need to be determined when completing the transfer equivalency authorization form.

Please note that New Zealand recognizes the southern hemisphere academic calendar (semester one is spring, semester two is fall). In the attached course descriptions a specific semester is indicated, however, Massey is a very large school and most classes are offered each semester. Please check with the Assistant Director of International Education if you have questions regarding a specific course and its availability in a particular semester. There is no guarantee that a specific course will be available in the semester desired, therefore best practice is to list as many course options as possible for the student.

Art and Design

Fashion Design

Fine Art


Textile Design

Visual Communication Design