University of Sunderland - England

Institutional Context:

The University of Sunderland has a Faculty of Art, Design and Media. The higher education system differs from that of the United States in that there are only three years of study, solely dedicated to the study of art and artistic practice. Students are expected to enroll in 120 credits per year, and are not allowed to enroll in more than 60 credits per semester. Students will receive 4 transfer units (1 being a general elective unit) per semester for full-time enrollment at the University of Sunderland. Specific Roanoke College equivalencies for each transfer unit awarded will need to be determined when completing the transfer equivalency authorization form.

Please note the availability of the coursework at the very bottom of each of the course descriptions below, which in some cases will not be indicated. There is no guarantee that a specific course will be available in the semester desired, therefore best practice is to list as many course options as possible for the student.



Glass and Ceramics: