MCSP Conversation Series Talks

Spring 2017

All sessions will be in Massengill unless otherwise noted.

Date & Time Speaker Title Intended Audience
Tuesday, January 24
6:00 PM
Dr. Margaret Rahmoeller
Roanoke College
"Introducing the Lie Algebra Representation Theory" Majors
Thursday, January 26
6:00 PM
Trexler 372
Ms. Fiona Knoll
Clemson University
"Coding and Its Applications" Majors
Tuesday, January 31
5:00 PM
Dr. Christian Millichap
Linfield College
"Knot Theory: Where Geometry and Topology Collide!" Majors

Tuesday, March 14
12:00 Noon

Mrs. Jan Minton
Roanoke College
"She got the Gold Mine and I got the Shaft:  A Mathematical Look at Fairness" Everyone

Tuesday, March 14 
6:00 PM

Ms. Maya Shende, George Washington University and Thomas Lux, Virginia Tech "Grad School Computer Science is Cool" Everyone

Tuesday, March 21
6:00 PM

Dr. Dan Robb
Roanoke College
"Views of the Quantum World" Everyone

Thursday, April 13
12:00 noon

Dr. Adam Childers
Roanoke College

"Variation is the Spice of Life" Everyone

Thursday, April 20 12:00 noon
Trexler 372

Dr. Rama Balasubramanian
Roanoke College

"The Next Big Thing is Very Very Small" Everyone
For more information, please contact Dr. Dan Robb at (540) 375-5250 or