MCSP Conversation Series Talks

Spring 2019

All sessions will be in Massengill Auditorium unless otherwise noted.

Date & Time Speaker Title Intended Audience

Tue, Feb 12

Dr. Maggie Rahmoeller
Roanoke College
Mathematical Models in Evolution ALL

Tue, March 12

Dr. Annalisa Crannell
Franklin and Marshall College
Drawing Conclusions from Drawing a Square ALL

Tues, March 19

Dr. Wale Sekoni
Roanoke College
Computational Difficulty ALL

Thurs, March 21 5:00-6:00PM

Dr. Randy Marchany
Virginia Tech

The More it Changes, The More it Stays the Same ALL

Thurs, March 28
8:00- 9:00PM
Trexler 374

Michael Johnson
  Roanoke College

Open-Source, Open-Science:
Research in R

Students with an interest in Statistical Software (especially for research)

Tues, April 9
NOON- 1:00PM

Dr. Adam Childers
Roanoke College

The House Doesn't Always Win ALL

Wed, April 10
7:00- 8:00PM

Dr. Caleb Bradberry
Radford University

Let's Get Personal with Your Data - Applications of Machine Learning and Ethics ALL

Tues, April 16

Dr. Hannah Robbins
Roanoke College
How Do We Write Down a Number? ALL
For more information, please contact Dr. Maggie Rahmoeller at (540) 375-2505 or