Events and Programs

OMA students by the Hillel tree Events and Programs

An important part of the mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to educate the entire campus community on issues of diversity and multiculturalism by providing a plethora of programming throughout the year such as speakers, workshops, and cultural events.  These multicultural events offer valuable insight to the campus.  

Diversity workshops are offered at Roanoke to the incoming students of the BonD program. This training acknowledges diversity issues, challenges the stereotypes, and strives to learn from the differences in people, cultures, and global community. The Office of Multicultural Affairs staff is also available to provide interactive training on topics for faculty and staff, student organizations, departments, and residence halls. The Office of Multicultural Affairs is very adamant on building positive relationships between faculty, staff and students. One of the ways the office fosters towards positive relationships and the cultural interaction is by sponsoring fall and spring break trips to further valuable experiences and bonding with one another.


Multicultural Celebration & Events

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15-October 15

Throughout this month long celebration, the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA) and OMA collaborate in providing lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, and other events. HOLA and OMA work with other offices on campus and local businesses to showcase the diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Family Weekend Festivities


During this Roanoke College sponsored weekend, OMA hosts an open house for parents to learn more about the office and student involvement,

LGBTQ+ History Month


Lambda Alliance and OMA work together to provide campus wide events throughout October to educate and inform the campus community of LGBTQ+ history and contributions.

Unity Week Celebration

Mid-Fall Semester

Join OMA as they celebrate unity through diversity. During the Fall, OMA dedicates one whole week to celebrate diverse ways of thinking and existing. Previous events have been discussion panels, performances, and food tasting. 

World AIDS Day

December 1

OMA and Black Student Alliance dedicate this day to bring awareness of the AIDS pandemic and remember the lives lost to this disease. 

Holidays Around the World


OMA and student organizations team up to share different traditions and holidays from around the world. This event is an educational experience for students to learn about diverse cultures and religions.


Late Fall

Hillel and OMA work together to celebrate this Jewish holiday.   

Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration


Black Student Alliance invited students, faculty and staff for a Kwanzaa dinner. BSA leads an interactive experience that educates participants on the importance of this holiday.

Martin Luther King JR. Celebration


OMA, Black Student Alliance, the Chaplain's Office, and Interfaith Council collaborate with the local community to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Join OMA for our MLK Jr. Prayer Breakfast!

Black History Month


OMA collaborates with student organizations, such as Black Student Alliance, for this month long celebration. Films, panel discussions, and lectures are held throughout the month. 

Chinese New Year Celebration

Early Spring Semester

OMA collaborates with Asian Students United and the East Asian Studies Concentration to create one of the largest on campus events. The Chinese New Year Celebration allows for students, faculty, and families to learn more about East Asian cultures and history. 

Women's History Month


In collaboration with other Roanoke College departments, OMA holds film screenings, panel discussions, and lectures throughout the month. 

Passover Seder


Hillel and OMA work together to showcase this Passover ritual to students.   

Ramadan Dinner


During the spring, OMA hosts a dinner for this holy month. Students and staff are able to learn more about Ramadan. 

Alumni Weekend Festivities


During this Roanoke College sponsored weekend, OMA hosts a variety of events. Join us for Heritage Ball, a bi-annual event, and Jazz Affair.  

Drag Show


OMA and Lambda Alliance host a drag show, inviting students, faculty, staff, and the local community to celebrate their pride.