Multicultural Living Community

Chalmers Hall

About the Multicultural Living Community 

The Multicultural Living Community is the only community of its kind on campus where a racially and ethnically diverse community is intentionally created so residents may live and learn in a multicultural environment. Residents are required to participate in co-curricular experiences that raise awareness about the impact of race and racism on individual identities, cross cultural communication, life opportunities, and various forms of social inequalities.

Juliet Jordan Lowery, Director of Multicultural Affairs, is the Advisor for the MLC.

OMA Diversity Means All of Us

Learning Objectives

  • To help students better understand their own ethnic identities;
  • To facilitate students having more accurate information and awareness of the intersection of identities especially with respect to the history, contributions, and experiences of the underrepresented populations (African-American, Native American, Latino, Asian American, LGBTQIA+, Christian and Non-Christian Beliefs, etc.);
  • To teach residents the basic skill of anti-oppression work;
  • To encourage residents to share the motto of "Diversity Means All of Us!"



This community is located in Chalmers Hall, a historically coeducational floor. Chalmers basement and first floor serve as the Multicultural theme area for upper-class men and women.

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For further information, please contact: 

Juliet Jordan Lowery
203 Alumni Gym