College Planning

College Planning is guided by Long-Term Plans and Goals including the Strategic Plan, Institutional Educational Goals, and the Annual Plan.


Strategic Plan

Since the early 1980s, the College has engaged in ten-year strategic planning.  The plans are the product of intensive work by groups representing the faculty, staff, students, and trustees, and are presented for reflection and suggestions to all College constituencies (former strategic plan)  The process resulted in a current plan, effective fall 2010, based on five themes providing an infrastructure for planning and evaluation.  Each year the President, vice presidents, and Resources and Planning Council monitor progress on meeting the goals of the plan and base long-range budgeting decisions on these assessments.

Institutional Educational Goals

Roanoke College is committed to the tenets of a liberal education as reflected in the mission and purpose statements (including the Freedom with Purpose). To effectively measure and reflect on the College’s progress in accomplishing the mission and purpose, the core ideas in the Freedom with Purpose were operationalized for use in curricular and co-curricular planning. The goals provide operationalized statements for faculty and staff use in assessment planning.  

Annual Plan

The Cabinet uses the strategic plan as a guide to inform priorities for the coming year.  Results from unit, program-level, and college-level assessments inform appropriate achievement targets for the priorities.  Progress on the plan is monitored throughout the year by each of the vice presidents.  A formal mid-year analysis is conducted, and short-term budgeting decisions are based on assessments of progress.