Planning and Evaluation--Annual Cycle


The Statement of Purpose, including the vision, mission, and purpose statements and the Freedom with Purpose statement, guides the development of the strategic plan, institutional educational goals, and divisional goals as depicted in the annual planning and evaluation cycle below.


planning and evaluation flow chart


  • The strategic plan informs the development of annual plan priorities at the cabinet level. 
  • Academic departments, academic programs, and academic support units link annual goals to annual plan priorities and institutional educational goals.
  • Administrative units set annual goals using annual plan priorities and divisional goals. 
  • Both academic and administrative units engage in an annual assessment process culminating in end-of the-year reports to the vice presidents.
  • The vice presidents use findings from assessments and operational goals to develop planning and budget priorities for the following year. 
  • Resources and Planning Council makes formal recommendations to the President ensuring annual plans and budget priorities align with the mission and strategic plan making.