Mail Art Project (M.A.P)


Check out the Mail Art Project map 

M.A.P. has been created to bring together a community of artists through art in the form of mail. The concept of this project is for a piece of mail art to be created and mailed to an individual who can then choose to:

  • "Add and Return", expand on the work received to create a collaborative piece of art and return it to Olin Hall Galleries
  • "Add and Pass",  adding to the work, and sending it on to someone else
  • Create your own original piece of mail art and send it to Olin Hall Galleries
  • Keep the mail art you have received

Olin Hall Galleries has organized this visual "pen-pal" venture and M.A.P. exhibition to represent an international outreach and exchange from Roanoke and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to have a M.A.P. piece mailed to ever country and U.S. state. At this time we have labels addressed to individuals internationally or you may choose to send one to someone you know locally or abroad. These works will be documented through a world map that tags the locations in which pieces have traversed. We would like to keep record of works sent so please send an image and mailing information to so that we may have record of all participants.

For works to be shown in the M.A.P. exhibition we ask for the work to arrive at Olin Hall Galleries by October 1, 2014. The completed works will then be displayed in Smoyer Gallery at Roanoke College from October 24- December 5, 2014. Works exhibited will be placed in the Roanoke College's Permanent Art Collection for future programming and exhibitions.

Roanoke College
Olin Hall Galleries
221 College Lane

These works used in the MAP project are 6"x10"matt board

Mailing within the United States costs $.70
International Postage is $1.98

For more information on this project you can email Taliaferro Logan at