2015-16 Season

Fall 2015
September 11-October 11

6:30 pm Kate Samworth Lecture in Smoyer Gallery
6-8 pm Opening Reception in Smoyer Gallery

Wunderkammer: Origins of the Collection
Olin Gallery

Wunderkammer: Origins of the Collection piece

Fueled by an increased interest in understanding the natural world, 16th century Europe witnessed the emergence of a new trend that united scientific discovery with artistic display. This process of collecting objects from nature and of human creation manifested itself in assemblages of wondrous and exotic items known as "cabinets of curiosities". These specialized collections consist of objects ranging from archaeological artifacts of ancient pottery, paintings, books, or antiques, such as pre-modern medical equipment, as well as items from plant and animal life, such as scientific specimen to unusual taxidermy. 

Founder of Roanoke College, David Bittle had ambitions of building the largest library in the South. With its core focus on natural history, the complex would also highlight his collection of mineral samples totaling 11,000. In homage to Bittle's own interest in collecting, Olin Gallery's exhibit aims to put a contemporary twist on this centuries old tradition through illuminating the personal collection of Bittle himself in addition to those of past and current professors here at the college. 

Kate Samworth The Immortal Charles Peale-Aviary Wonders
Smoyer Gallery

We're only paintings, Kate Samworth

We're Only Paintings,
2013, gouache on paper

Blackberry Ramble explores what the history of art reveals about our evolving understanding of the role of humans in a complex eco-system. This exhibition is inspired by the 18th century painter and natural historian, Charles William Peale, who believed that humans could better themselves by observing animal behavior. The narrative of this series begins with Peale's self-portrait coming to life in a museum full of other living paintings. Throughout this work he searches to find new specimen for his natural history collection, discovering changes in art that lead him to reconsider the potential of the artist to illuminate the mysteries of the natural world.

October 30-December 11

Friday, October 30, 6:30 pm E.V. Day Lecture in Olin Gallery
Friday, October 30, 6-8 pm Opening Reception in Smoyer Gallery
Friday, December 11, 6-8 pm Closing Reception in Olin Gallery with
performances at 6:30 pm featuring: 
Soprano Operatic Arias by Pattie Clevenger, Sabrina McIntyre, and Marianne Sandborg

E.V. Day Divas Ascending
Olin Gallery

Carmen. E.V. Day


E.V. Day's presentation for Roanoke is an exhibition featuring four suspended sculptures from her Divas Ascending series made from the costumes of renowned female opera characters; Butterfly from Madama Butterfly, Mimi from La Boheme, Carmen and Cinderella. Each sculpture reflects the particular role each costume has played. The interplay between the story of the opera from which each costume came, the moment created by the sculpture, and the physicality of the transformed garment-its materials, its shapes, its colors, floating in this celestial space-is what Day hopes viewers of her installation will appreciate. As in much of her work, Day uses tension to suspend, stretch, and shred garments, creating forms that she likens to futurist abstract paintings in three-dimensions. This selection for Roanoke represents four of the thirteen originally commissioned by New York City Opera.

Day received her MFA in Sculpture from Yale University School of Art. The first work in her Exploding Couture series, Bombshell, was included in the 2000 Biennial of the Whitney Museum of American Art and is now in the museum's permanent collection. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally at such venues including The Whitney Museum at Altria, The Museum of Modern Art, Houston Grand Opera, and Cornell University.

Trevor Christensen Nude Portraits
Smoyer Gallery

Photo of Susie

Susie, 2014, photograph

Photo of Members of the rock group Fictionist

Members of the rock group Fictionist, 2014, photograph


Nude Portraits examines the unequal relationship between photographer and subject, leveling the playing field in an unorthodox way. By photographing subjects in a heightened state of vulnerability, this body of work explores what happens when subjects are confronted to male nudity in a context devoid of eroticism. This vulnerability is achieved by making portraits without clothing. Nude portraiture in the context of this series refers to the photographer unclothed, not the subject. Subjects are made explicitly aware beforehand that Christensen will be photographing them nude. They understand that they may feel uncomfortable, but they should not feel unsafe. Images of the photographer are not included in the series, leaving viewers to speculate on what the subject is reacting to.

January 29-February 26

6-8 pm Opening Reception in Smoyer Gallery

Roanoke College's Fine Arts Faculty
Olin Gallery

Thunder, I, Kate Shortridge

Thunder, I
Kate Shortridge

Nouns, Names, and Verbs, Scott Hardwig

Nouns, Names, and Verbs
Scott Hardwig 

Robins World, Eliz. S.-K. Heil

Robins World, detail
Eliz. S.-K. Heil

This exhibition will showcase current work created by the Roanoke College's Studio Art Faculty: Scott Hardwig, Eliz. S.-K. Heil and Katherine Shortridge. Hardwig teaches ceramics and sculpture at Roanoke College and received his master of fine arts degree from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and has been a member of the college's faculty since 1977. Heil joined the Roanoke College faculty in 1981 and teaches photography, computer graphics and printmaking, earning her master of fine arts degree in printmaking and drawing from Northern Illinois University. Shortridge received her master of fine arts degree from Indiana University and has taught painting and drawing at the college since 2003.

From the Page to the Stage-Design Process-Jennie Ruhland
Smoyer Gallery

piece from the collection From the Page to the Stage

From the Page to the Stage will showcase Ruhland's process of costume design through concept boards, visual renderings and material samples that the artist has created for various theatre productions. This exhibition will also feature the actual dresses produced from these renderings. The collection includes pieces from plays performed at locations such as Roanoke College, The University of Virginia, Mill Mountain Theatre, and Roanoke Children's Theatre.

March 18-April 1

5:30 pm Lecture by Lindsey Landfried in Olin Recital Hall
6-8 pm Opening Reception in Smoyer Gallery

Lindsey Landfried Systemic Collapse
Olin Gallery

Recursive, Lindsey Landfried

Recursive, detail

Centered on drawing, Landfried writes a single mark, a connecting loop, from left to right on the page, recording lines of imagined text. Using traditional writing materials, ink and graphite on paper, she uses this single mark, a loop, to create a visual incident of patterns, networks, and color fields that suggest maps, landscapes, weaving, sediment, and bodies of text. In the work, the loop is also a mark connected to rhythm, sound, and visual noise. The shift in scale between the mark and the accumulation of marks disorients the recipient, creating for the viewer a disconcerting optical tension.  The drawings are a record of both a physical process and formal event. The resulting drawings are wall scale and reference machines that draw, such as seismographs, echocardiographs, printers, and computers. The works convey compression and overlapping to evoke parallel time and experiences of displacement.   

Lindsey Landfried has returned to the U.S. from Berlin Germany where she completed a one-year fellowship awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for artistic practice hosted by the University of the Arts Berlin. Her work has been supported by the Heinz Endowments, the Brown Foundation, and through residencies at Takt Kunstraum Tapir, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Vermont Studio Centers. Landfried is a MacDowell Colony fellow, and a Pollock-Krasner grantee. She is currently exhibiting with KWADRAT Berlin, and has exhibited in the U.S. and Europe

Dorothy Gillespie
Smoyer Gallery

Desert Heat II, Dorothy Gillespie

Desert Heat II, acrylic on aluminum

April 8-May 6

April 8 5:30-7:30 pm Opening Reception in Smoyer Gallery
May 6 12-2 pm Closing Reception in Smoyer Gallery

Art Major Show 
       Olin & Smoyer Galleries      

Structural Growth, Joe Carnes
Joe Carnes
Structural Growth

Timeless Treasure, Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox
Timeless Treasure

Into the Woods, Angelina Diaz 
Angelina Diaz
Into the Woods

Word Play, Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer
Word Play

Untitled, Adam Ferguson   
Adam Ferguson

  Intersect Accumulation, Becca Ibarra
Becca Ibarra 
Intersect Accumulation
O.U.R. Award Winner
Art Major

Untitled, Taylor B. Jones
Taylor B. Jones

Lidded Lily, Jaina Lanum  
Jaina Lanum
Lidded Lily

  Spirit Animal, Benjamin Mowers 
Benjamin Mowers
Spirit Animal

Still Life, Shannon O'Neill
Shannon O'Neill
Still Life

Infinite, Sara Seibert
Sara Seibert

Puzzled Heart, Renee Spaar
Renee Spaar
Puzzled Heart

Monkey on my back, Joseph "Cody" Statler
Joseph "Cody" Statler
Monkey on my back

Baby learn to walk, Min Thein
Min Thein
Baby learn to walk

   The Genie Jar, Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson
The Genie Jar

Wave, Kathleen Tobin 
Kathleen Tobin
O.U.R. Award Winner
Art Minor

Fflamddwyn, Michael Wynn

Michael Wynn