2017-2018 Season

September 8-October 8

Friday, September 8 
6:30 Gallery Talk-Lecture on Art and Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the early Nineties by Pre-hipster pioneers Steve Keene and Steve West 
6-8 pm Opening Reception

Steve Keene
Olin Gallery
Piece of art by steve keene

acrylic on wood

Steve keene gallery

New York-based artist Steve Keene returns to Roanoke College with his exhibition, TEN YEARS AFTER! This exhibition marks the ten year anniversary since he first produced and sold hundreds of his brightly colored hand painted multiples in Olin Gallery. Once called the "Assembly-line Picasso" by Times magazine, Keene's artistic process consists of replicating hundreds of painted images a day, emphasizing the temporality and performance-based nature of his art.

Keene believes art should be accessible to all, stating that "I want buying my paintings to be like buying a CD: it's cheap, it's art and it changes your life." Keene's artistic roots can be traced back to Brooklyn's music scene, where during his college years he worked as a disk jockey, afterwards painting album covers, posters, and stage sets for indie-rock groups, such as Dave Mathews Band and Steve West's Pavement. Originally from Virginia, Keene obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and Master of Fine Arts from Yale University. Keene is nationally and internationally exhibited, with about 250,000 of his paintings, wood sculptures, and tattooed plywood belonging to public and private collections around the world. 

Chickpea Power 
Steve West 

"Herbie in blue"Herbie in Blue
oil on canvas

Chickpea Power showcases a collection of Steve West's paintings and drawings. Including pieces created over the last 25 years, the exhibition consists of portraits, cityscapes, and images from commercial advertisements. He says he approaches his studio art in the same manner as his music - by experimenting with the medium, letting his work evolve throughout the artistic process.
In addition to his artwork, West is well known for playing drums in the 90's indie-rock band Pavement. While fulfilling these musical aspirations in New York, West and Keene lived in the same loft together. Although the days of Pavement are no more, West currently sings in and designs the album covers for his band Marble Valley. The title of West's exhibition, Chickpea Power, refers to a song he wrote of the same name for this group.

Originally from Virginia, West received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1989. He notes that his graduate school experience came in-lieu of formal studies, and rather while working as a security guard at the Whitney Museum for 2 ½ years.

Signs of humanity documentary poster

Thursday, November 2
 6-7:30 pm Signs of Humanity  documentary screening in the Wortmann Ballroom, Colket Center with Q & A with artist, Willie Baronet and director Tim Chumley
Signs of humanity is a documentary film that explores the inter-related themes of home, homelessness, compassion and humanity. Artist and professor Willie Baronet has purchased more than 1,300 homeless signs over the past 24 years, and he uses this collection to create installations to raise awareness about homelessness. During the month of July, 2014, Willie and three filmmakers drove across the country, interviewing more than 100 people on the streets and purchasing over 280 signs. Signs of humanity is a film about that trip. Directors: Willie Baronet, Tim Chumley

October 27-December 3
Legacy: Highlights from the Roanoke College Permanent Collection
Olin Gallery

Painting by andy warhol
Andy Warhol
Ingrid Bergman (Herself), 1983
Screenprint on lenox museum board
38 x 38 inches
Gift of © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

In celebration of Roanoke College's 175th anniversary this exhibition will showcase artists from the Roanoke College's Permanent Collection which will include Cory Archangel, Dennis Ashbaugh, Alice Aycock, Walter Biggs, William Binnie, Edward Marshall Boehm, Alice Ray Cathrall, Paul Chan, William Merrit Chase, Salvador Dali, N. Dash, E.V. Day, Betty Dixon, Michele Oka Doner, Bradford Ellis, Elliot Erwitt, Margaret Evangeline, Franklin Evans, Mark Fox, Clare Grill, Dorothy Gillespie, Debbie Grossman Jane Hammond, Pablo Helguera, Ryan Humphrey, Guillermo Kuitca, Diego Lasansky, Liz Magic Lazer, Shane McAdams, Yassi Mazandi, Tom Otterness, Alexandra Penney, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Alan Reid Duke Riley, Rachel Rose, Kay Rosen, Emily Roysdon, Hunt Slonem, George Solonevich, Keith Sonnier Fred Tomaselli, Kerry Tribe, Robert Vickery, Andy Warhol, Rob Wynne, Firooz Zahedi and Andrew Zuckerman.

We Are All Homeless
Willie Baronet

Smoyer Gallery

photographic print "we are all homeless"
We Are All Homeless series
- New York, 2015
Photographic print on archival paper

Signs of Humanity highlights 22 prints of signs drawn by people enduring homelessness in the United States. This collection is a subset of about 280 homeless signs that were purchased by artist Willie Baronet over 31 days and across 24 cities. Beginning in Seattle and ending in New York, the cross-country journey took place throughout July 2014, as part of a greater project he's been working on since 1993, titled We Are All Homeless. Recorded in the internationally recognized documentary Signs of Humanity, this exhibition of the same name features poignant signs Baronet bought and stories he collected from homeless people across cities like Portland, Albuquerque, Detroit, and Baltimore.
Over the past 24 years, Baronet has collected about 1,400 signs and conducted just as many impromptu interviews. Beginning out of his personal discomfort with the homeless, this project has since developed from a hobby into a social advocacy platform to get rid of the stigmas associated with homelessness. Baronet says he uses "the signs in art installations hoping to raise awareness, compassion and start conversations about the many causes of homelessness. This journey has helped [him] see that there is no us and them. It's just us."
 Calling Louisiana home, Baronet received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in applied arts from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Later selling his advertising design firm after 15 years of operation, Baronet obtained his Master of Fine Arts in Arts and Technology from University of Texas at Dallas. Baronet now teaches classes in creativity and portfolio development at Southern Methodist University's Meadows School of the Arts. He is the Stan Richards Professor in Creative Advertising at SMU's Temerlin Advertising Institute.

January 26-March 30
The Paper Blooms ProjectSM
Olin Gallery

The Paper Blooms Project is a collaborative based exhibition that will be composed of hand-made paper flowers to create a community garden. The flowers have been made by local and regional volunteers to unite and support the community through art.

Groups and individuals have been invited to participate by creating single or multiple pieces for this purposeful and interactive display. The installation will cultivate an educational experience with a bold and colorful display of a wide range of plants labeled with their botanical names. Within the space, there will also be a memorial garden, where individuals can create a flower to commemorate and honor a loved one.

Upon the conclusion of the show, flowers from The Paper Blooms Project will be made into bouquets and donated to areas of need within our locality. The Paper Blooms Project is an art installation created by our community, to be enjoyed as a public space, and returned to support the community.

January 26
6-8 pm Opening Reception
6:30 - Performance of "Tornami a vagheggiar" ("Return to me," Alcina)  G. F. Handel  (1685-1759) featuring Marianne M. Sandborg, Soprano, Julee Hickcox, Flute and Cara Hubbard, Continuo in Olin Gallery  
marianne sandborg
Marianne M. Sandborg
julee hickcox
Julee Hickcox
cara hubbard
Cara Hubbard

March 24
6-8 pm Closing  Reception in Smoyer Gallery
poster advertising the city modern ensemble

Dance Performance by City Modern Ensemble in Olin Gallery throughout reception
City Modern Ensemble is the professional and community modern dance company of the Roanoke Ballet Theatre.  

January 26-February 25
Ephemeral Equilibrium
Carolyn Deck

Smoyer Gallery

Ephemeral Equilibrium

Ephemeral Equilibrium is an exhibition that reflects on Carolyn Deck's love of Nature and her search for its essence. Carolyn Deck is an artist who received a BA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a MA from the Royal College of Art, Painting School, London. Inspired by childhood memories of vivid color, the joy of wild flowers and cobalt blue skies. Deck explores some of the visual principles of nature through mathematics. A seemingly invisible network of Sacred Geometry structures the spiritual quality of the artist's subject. Carolyn's paintings, drawings, and notes demonstrate a journey from geometry, to abstraction, to visual representation of plants.

April 13-May 4 
Studio Art 2018
Olin & Smoyer Galleries  

April 13
5:30-7:30 pm Opening Reception
May 4
12-2 pm Closing Reception

students standing on floor covered in paint splatters

The annual Studio Art exhibition showcases work by Roanoke College Art Majors and Minors. Exhibited works are from the artist's area of focus which includes ceramics, design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. This exhibition represents the wide variety of media, styles, and ideas students explore in the college's Fine Arts Department.