Walter Biggs

Biggs was born in 1886 in Elliston, Virginia. He attended the prestigious New York School of Art (the Chase School) which attracted some of the most important artists of the day. Later, he was inducted into the National Illustrators' Hall of Fame, along with Norman Rockwell and Charles Dana Gibson. He taught for a number of years at the Art Student's League and the Chase School.

Roanoke College has several works by Biggs in their permanent collection, located on the right hand side of the main floor of Fintel Library. Many of these works are gifts from the artist.

Judge Priest, Walter Biggs Judge Priest
oil on canvas

Upon High Ground or Mountain Climbers
oil on canvas



Upon High Ground or Mountain Climbers, Walter Biggs

Girl Into Woman, Walter Biggs Girl Into Woman
watercolor on paper 

oil on canvas


Church, Walter Biggs