New PSSA Information

Welcome to the Print Shop! 

This page contains links to information regarding your employment as a Print Shop Student Assistant (PSSA). 

Please be sure you add your supervisors contact information to your address book:

Jacob Jackson
Office: (540) 375-2026
Cell: (540) 815-2430

Sara Lloyd
Office: (540) 375-2250
Cell: (540) 613-3919


The email address to use to contact everyone who works in the Print Shop is:  Please remember that this email address sends to everyone!  

You can also email everyone who works in IT by emailng


Links to Important Information:

The Print Shop Webpage:

The Print Shop Facebook Page:

Forms to be Completed Prior to Starting Work: 
Please be sure to complete the following forms to take with you to HR:
Student Job Placement Form (To be completed by the supervisor)
Va Employment Commission
I-9 form (Employee must present original documents)
Federal W-4
Virginia VA-4
Direct Deposit Form (MS Word)

(Please be sure you do not go to HR until you have confirmed with your supervisor that the "Student Job Placement Form" has been submitted to HR). 

Links to Important Files:

  1. Blank Schedule Form
  2. Print Shop Rules & Policies
  3. Print Shop Confidentiality Statement