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  • American Journal of Psychological Research - American Journal of Psychological Research (AJPR) is a peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of psychology, with special emphasis on collaborative research by students and their faculty mentors. Publication is sponsored by Dr. Carl Bartling, who provides free access to its contents. Authors retain copyright for their work. AJPR is permanently archived at the Library of McNeese State University.

  • Journal of Psychological Inquiry - The journal exists for a variety of reasons, and a primary one is to illustrate the high quality of undergraduates' scholarly work. Scholarly work encompasses a broad range of investigation and includes more traditional data-based activity, as well as literature reviews and historical research. Transmitting the results of one's scholarship through a printed medium requires development of formal, written communication skills. Promoting the refinement of such skills is another goal for the journal. According to employers, and professional and graduate school faculty, increasing undergraduates' written communication skills would make those students more attractive for employment and for admission to post-graduate training or education. Increasing students' success in life following graduation is another aspiration associated with the journal. Because modeling can facilitate learning, showing students what their peers have accomplished should help to encourage ever-widening circles of students to become engaged in and excited about research.

  • Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences - JPBS is an annual periodical published by the Psychology Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University at Madison, New Jersey. The responsibility for review and contact resides with the undergraduate and graduate journal student officers. The officers' activities are coordinated by the current student editor. JPBS offers undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty an opportunity to publish in a recognized academic journal. Articles in any topical area of psychology are considered.

  • PsiChi Journal of Undergraduate Research - The Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research is a national, fully reviewed, quarterly journal dedicated to the publication of undergraduate student research. The twofold purpose of the journal is to foster and reward the scholarly efforts of undergraduate psychology students as well as to provide them with a valuable learning experience. The articles published in this journal represent primarily the work of the undergraduate student(s).

  • IMPULSE - An undergraduate journal for neuroscience: IMPULSE is the first international, online neuroscience journal for undergraduate publications. Submissions are reviewed by students worldwide under faculty guidance, and articles are immediately published online as they are accepted.

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  • TED - Ideas worth spreading (interesting video talks on a wide variety of subjects such as technology, science, culture, arts, global issues, etc.)