Christian Studies

About the program

By examining the historical development of Christian beliefs through contemporary times, students forge an understanding of Christianity's place at the crossroads of religion, politics and culture. View the latest news about our students and professors.

Why study Christianity at Roanoke College?

Thoughtful. Roanoke's program focuses on big questions raised by Christianity. This theoretical emphasis can often be neglected in seminary education, where the focus generally falls on practical ministry skills.

Centered. As home to the Benne Center for Religion and Society, Roanoke regularly invites experts to speak on religion and contemporary issues. Students meet leaders in politics, business and art to discuss the conjunction Christianity and culture.

Spoken. Studies in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, German and French on campus allow students to get to the root of original Christian writings, as well as to interpret firsthand major Christian theologians.

Real-world Learning

What's next?

Understanding the way Christianity interacts with the contemporary world can be crucial not only for the ministry, but also for careers as diverse as public policy, foreign service, counseling, media and the law. Learn more.

Program Requirements

Christian Studies Major
Christian Studies Minor