North Side

North Side

Buildings: Maxey, CBR Complex (Caldwell, Beamer, & Ritter), Sections (Wells, Yonce, Fox), and Augusta House

Associate Director: Rachael Clark

Neighborhood Council Executive Board

Vice President: 
Eco Representative: 
Service Coordinator:  

Civic Engagement: HUNGER

Community Partner: Micah's Backpack

Community Development:

Community Headquarters: CBR Atrium, Beamer Classroom, & Well's Basement
Outside programming space: Tailgating area near New Hall; lawn areas in front of New Hall & CBR; volleyball court next to New Hall; In front of Sections; Well's Basement
House of Terror: A Halloween haunted house, done in partnership with Roanoke College's Honors Program as a canned food drive.  Entry is a canned good.North Side Neighborhood Council and Honors Student Volunteers at the 2016 House of Terror

First Six Weeks: A program every week on North Side for the first six weeks of school, culminating with Neighborhood Council's debut event for the year on the sixth week.

North Side Residents Painting Bricks

Intentional Communities:

Academic Residential:
Honors:  Located on the first and second floors of MaxeyHall, this community houses students in Roanoke College's Honors Program.  Events and programs are held in collaboration between residents, Resident Advisors, and Honors Executive Board Members.  The community includes numerous study areas, an Honors Lounge, a private kitchen, with a classroom for Honors classes and office space for Honors Program faculty and staff.  The advisor for the Honors Community is Dr. William Brenzovich.

Scholars: Located on the second floor of Beamer Hall, this community houses students who are dedicated to scholarly pursuits.  Some are involved in Undergraduate Research, looking to go on to graduate school for a career in academia, or are in a pre-professional program.  Residents collaborate with the Resident Advisor to hold faculty dinners and Weekend Alternative events along with programming catered to the furthering of academic pursuits.  This community includes study space in common areas with boards to write on.  The advisor for the Scholars Community is Dr. Chris Lassiter.


Eco House:Located in Augusta House, the Eco House is designed as an intentional community where students can discuss and put into practice ideas about environmental justice, resilience, and living a more sustainable lifestyle.  Students interested in living in the Eco House, should contact Dr. Laura Hartman.

Greek: None