West Side

West Side

Buildings: Afton Complex, Catawba HallChesapeake Hall, and the Wortmann Complex (Blue Ridge, Shenandoah, Tabor)

Neighborhood Council Executive Board

Vice President:
Eco Representative:
Service Coordinator:

Civic Engagement: HOUSING

Community Partner: Habitat for Humanity/R House
Weekly service: R House until Thanksgiving
Large event: Shack Attack, mid-November

Community Development:

Community Headquarters: Shenandoah Multipurpose Room
Outside programming space: Lawn between Tabor and Catawba Halls
Rubber Duck Regatta- Decorate rubber ducks and race from N. Market to finish line behind Shenandoah Hall.

First Six Weeks: A program every week on North Side for the first six weeks of school, culminating with Neighborhood Council's debut event for the year on the sixth week.

Intentional Communities:

Academic Residential: None


Leadership House: The Leadership House is the newest Affinity House on campus. We welcome any student who is interested in exploring leadership styles and theories and gaining leadership skills, as well as living amongst other student leaders. The tone of the community includes leadership development, mentorship opportunities, local and global citizenship, authentic leadership, fellowship, ambassadorship, leadership competencies, and teamwork, but it also asks that the community live by the tenets of empathy, curiosity, and celebration of differing leadership styles, both within and outside of the community. If you are interested in the Leadership House, please contact Residence Life & Housing.

Sports & Recreation HouseLocated in Catawba Hall, the Sports and Recreation Affinity House is the place for students who have an interest in anything related to sports, outdoor adventures, fitness, and everything in between! If you are interested in the Sports & Recreation House, please contact Residence Life & Housing.

Pi Kappa Phi:Located on the 1st Floor of Chesapeake.

Alpha Sigma Alpha: Located on the 2nd Floor of Chesapeake.

Delta GammaLocated on the 3rd Floor of Chesapeake.

Chi OmegaLocated on the 4th Floor of Chesapeake.