Phased Reopening Plan

Roanoke College has announced the schedule for students to return to campus and a phased plan for bringing employees back to campus has been developed. Your supervisor will let you know specific plans for returning back to work.

Each phase of the plan is based on downward trends in COVID-19 positive cases in the region and a continuing downward trajectory of positive cases and no community relapse.  It is also expected that restrictions on the number of people who can gather together remain, but may increase in number by August.  

Safety measures are included in each phase, including important measures such as maintaining six feet physical distance when possible, washing your hands regularly, wearing a face covering when around others and monitoring your health and temperature daily. With each phase, supervisors may employ modified schedules or continue with remote work for some in order to monitor the health of their employees and ensure business continuity.  

Core Operations:

Phase One for core operations begins on June 22 and includes departments identified as critical to campus operations. We expect this will be about 30% of the Roanoke College workforce that will include a larger presence of those departments who have been working on campus throughout the pandemic, as well as beginning to return to other areas, such as Admissions and Athletics personnel for recruitment activities. 

The Return:

Phase Two has two parts: Part A and Part B. Beginning to return to full operation is the focus of Phase Two:

Part A, which begins on July 6. This includes employees to support institutional operations, research and teaching activities, student support services, and staff the needs of returning students, faculty and staff. We expect an additional 30% of employees to return during this phase.  

Phase Two: Part B begins on July 20. Focused on returning to full operations with remaining employees returning so the campus is running at full operational capacity and support. All staff employees, without accommodations, will have returned to campus by the end of this phase. Faculty will return as they normally would for the academic year.  

Pre-Academic Year:

Phase Three begins on August 3. This phase will see a small group of students arrive on campus, including athletes and some student workers.  We will continue to monitor the health of our campus community, and assuming a continued downward trajectory of cases in the geographical area, the campus will continue to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Academic Year:

Phase Four begins August 19. A return to full campus operations and all students returned to campus for classes. All employees are working primarily on campus at this point. While the campus is open, the safety practices and accommodations that have been implemented will remain in place, until pandemic conditions indicate it is safe to begin lessening them.