Lucas Hall Renovation


Lucas hall renovation signs outside Lucas Hall


Building Green for Tomorrow

Lucas Hall, the home of the Modern Languages Department, was renovated in 2009 and reopened in Fall of 2010 as Roanoke College's first LEED certified building.  LEED stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" and it means this construction project is environmentally sensitive in many different ways.

The construction company R.L. Price is diverted the construction debris from the Lucas Hall project away from the landfill. Roanoke College and R.L. Price have recycled 179 tons of construction debris from the Lucas Hall project following U.S. Green Building Protocol. The amount of debris diverted translates into the following environmental conservation:

  • 3,399 Mature Trees: This represents enough saved timber resources to produce more than 2.19 million sheets of newspaper!

  • 81,988 KWHRS of Electricity

  • 700 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space: This represents enough space to fulfill the municipal waste disposal needs for a community of 5,000 Americans for one year!

  • 4,799 Gallons of Oil: This represents 11,500 barrels of No.2 fuel oil, which provides enough energy to heat and cool more than 2,300 homes for one year!

  • 92,586 Gallons of Gasoline: This represents enough gasoline for Americans to drive more than 700,000 miles!

  • 1,399,790 Gallons of Water