Recycling on Campus

On Campus

Roanoke College offers both Single Stream and Multiple Stream Recycling.

Single Stream Recycling

Recyclables sorted at a facility

Single Stream Includes Clean:

Single Stream Does NOT include:

Flattened Cardboard Greasy Pizza Boxes or Greasy Food Bags
Paper (Not Shredded) Food Waste or Liquids
Newspaper, Magazines, and Junk Mail Paper Napkins, Plates, Cups, & Tissues
Plastics Rinsed #1-7 Large and Irregular Plastic Items
Glass Bottles & Jars Rinsed Broken Glass
Aluminum & Metal Cans Rinsed Large Metal Items
Batteries or Electronics
Plastic bags (Please use film recycling stations)

Waste Management Single Stream Dumpster

Residence Hall Recycling Schedule

Student leaders pick up Recycling

Roanoke College has and extraordinary student staff from the Campus Recreation Department who services recycling in the Residence Halls. Check out their Fall 2019 schedule below!

Monday: Chalmers, Crawford, Marion, Bartlett, Smith, Wortmann Complex, Sections, Fruitions

Tuesday: New Hall, CBR, Chesapeake, Catawba

Thursday: Chalmers, Crawford, Marion, Bartlett, Smith, Wortmann Complex, Sections, Fruitions

Friday: New Hall, CBR, Chesapeake, Catawba

Saturday & Sunday: Special Pickups and Events

Multiple Stream Recycling

Recyclables you sort

What to Recycle?


Plastics (#1 & #2 only) Chesapeake Hall parking lot
Aluminum Chesapeake Hall parking lot
Cardboard upper Olin Hall parking lot
Newspapers Housekeeping will collect newspapers from your office to take to an offsite recycling location.


Large recycling receptacle Trash cans behind Chesapeake
Upper Olin lot Chesapeake lot

In Residence Halls

If you live in a residence hall, then you can recycle all of the above items in your residence hall.

Where to recycle?
You will find the nearest recycling station in one of the following locations on your floor: Trash Room, Lounge, Restroom, or Kitchen.

How to recycle?

  • Place only the proper materials in the correct bin for each material (see posters at recycling stations). Make sure cans and bottles are empty.
  • Fold down corrugated cardboard flat, so they can be neatly stacked. Corrugated cardboard and newspapers can be laid on the floor, in separate stacks, next to the bins.


For more information about proper recycling practices, please visit the following links: