Staff Work From Home Resources

How Do I Prepare to Work from Home?

Do you have a Functional Home Computer?


  • Remotely Control Your Work Computer Windows PC (Does not work for Mac Desktops in Your Office)
    This is will be the best solution for most users, since all the software, settings and network mappings are already set-up. Once connected to the VPN (above) you can use Remote Desktop software to control your work computer.
  • Learn about How to Remote Desktop
  • Important: You will need your computer’s name before you leave the office.


Either Way You Will Need To…

What Resources Can I Access?

  • Inside Roanoke – provides quick links to many of the resources you will need (found under the Services tab)
  • Using Zoom? Be sure to ready our Zoom Best Practices Guide.
  • Stay in Touch with Microsoft Teams
    • Chat, Share Files, Screen Share, Have Video calls and more with Microsoft Teams. All Faculty / Staff have existing (change to Teams) accounts. You can download the desktop & mobile app.
    • You can start a chat by picking one or more users. Name your chats to create groups.
    • If you need more functionality Information Technology can make you a private Team, via the Teams Request Form
    • Learn more with the quick start guide.