Get Involved

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you as parents can get involved, helping your children and the great institution they're attending:

1. Join the Parent Leadership Council (PLC). PLC members advocate for the school and its students, provide invaluable advice, and help raise money for the College. Learn more. 

2. Register for the Family Network. Members of the Parent Network help new Roanoke grads prepare for the real world by assisting with advising, interviewing and providing internships. Register now. 

3. Give to the Roanoke Rising campaign. Tuition only covers about 50% of what it actually costs to educate a student. The difference is provided by gifts from alumni, friends and parents. Roanoke Rising is an investment that makes it possible for students to receive a top-notch education that will benefit them throughout life. Make A Gift.

4. Help set up internships for students. Internships are one of the best ways Roanoke students can prepare for a career. Offer one through an organization you run, or ask an organization you're involved with to consider offering one for a Roanoke student. Inquire here.

5. Spread the word. Tell friends, family and neighbors about Roanoke and the education your child is receiving. Like us on FacebookShare your child's school photos and experiences on Instagram and Twitter.

6. Come and visit! Family Weekend is a great way to see for yourself what your child is doing, meet professors, advisors and coaches, and talk with Career Services about how you can help them prepare for employment or graduate school.

“Roanoke College was the perfect choice for our daughter Emma, who graduated in May 2020. Seeing the positive impact the faculty and staff had on her college career, our son James was eager to be a Maroon as well. The College’s goal to enable students to Live on Purpose as whole persons is truly delivered. The approachability of faculty, smaller class environment, and a multitude of easily accessible resources made Roanoke an easy decision for James. And the numerous opportunities for study and research within and beyond any course of study clearly exemplify the benefits of a liberal arts education at Roanoke College.”

Ray and Maureen Daisey, PLC Co-chairs 2020-2021, Parents of James ʼ24