Office Supply Exchange


Office Supplies

The Office Supply Exchange is available to all faculty and staff at no cost.

Items should only be used on campus for instructional, educational or interoffice purposes (not for home or personal use).  This is also not for student use at this time, as all of these items have been purchased by the College at some point, and therefore should only be used for College business. 

For Donations - all donated items must be clean and in working condition.

For receiving items - take only what you or your department can use.

If you take something and ultimately find that you can’t use it, keep it out of the waste stream by returning it to the exchange center for someone else to use.  

Appropriate Items:

  • Appointment Books & Calendars
  • Binders, Notebooks & Paper (all sizes)
  • Bookends & Vertical Files
  • Blank CD’s, DVD’s, Jewel Cases
  • Desktop/Mouse Pads & Organizers
  • Drawer Organizers
  • Envelopes & File Folders
  • Hanging file folders
  • New inkjet, laser, fax and copier toner cartridges
  • Unused Greeting Cards
  • Name Tag Holders
  • Rolodex Boxes & Cards, Index Cards
  • Scissors, Staplers, & Hole PunchersPens, Pencils, Lead
  • Report Covers & Sheet Protectors
  • Storage Boxes, Cases, Files & Racks
  • Small Office Electronics (electronic pencil
    sharpeners, staplers, coffee makers, etc.)

Please make sure that all items are in working order, free of dirt / debris and in like-new condition.

Not appropriate for donation:

  • Clothing, Shoes, & Furniture
  • Hazardous Wastes
  • Large Equipment
  • Broken items
  • Technology items (should be returned to IT for proper disposal)