Undergraduate Research Assistants Program

URAP: An Unusual Research Opportunity

What if there were a program that gave you the opportunity (and $1,000 every semester) to work with a professor on an exciting research project; meet with other top students and their research mentors several times a year; and create a resume that will truly stand out from the crowd?

There is. It is called the Undergraduate Research Assistants Program (URAP).Our students work one-on-one with a faculty mentor and often cite this relationship as the most beneficial aspect of URAP. Our students have presented at local and national conferences and have contributed to academic publications. This unique program enables students to obtain superb references for graduate schools or jobs. By the time they graduate, they have developed a real sense of accomplishment. URAP is a four year opportunity, involving students in research projects beginning with their very first semesters. Projects are renewable each year as long as both the student and faculty member wish to continue the project. Financial support is offered each semester throughout the four year period.While URAP is extraordinary, it is also - fair warning - highly competitive. Roanoke receives many applications each year from incoming high school seniors for the six projects. Here's how the process works: Interested students review the list of possible research projects and rank their preferences; the research mentors then review the applications and select students to be interviewed; and, finally, a match is made, a match that, again, can last four years. URAP professors seek students who are not just "smart" but who are "enthusiastic" and "conscientious" to participate in URAP. Do these labels fit you? Are you up for the challenge of research?

You must apply during the winter of your senior year of high school. Applications for the Fall 2015 URAP positions will be accepted starting in early November, 2014. The deadline for applying is March 10, 2015.