Hannah Bear

Hannah Bear

When a child told Hannah that she never gave up on him, that was the moment she knew what she wanted to do with her life.


students in front of the Cascades waterfall

Our Backyard: The Roanoke Valley

Explore all the Roanoke Valley has to offer.


girl with eclipse glasses holding them up

Roanoke College Outdoor Adventures

Take a look at some of places you can go with the Outdoor Adventures Program at Roanoke College!


three girls laughing

A Year at Roanoke College

Experience Roanoke from start to finish.


student dancing while others watch

Spanish at Roanoke College

Explore the unique opportunities offered through Roanoke's Spanish department


students in a lab

Biology at Roanoke College

A sneak peak into the curriculum designed to give students an edge in the biology field after college


students playing in the snow

Snow Day January 2016

Check out what students do on a snow day here at Roanoke College!


hayley moe speaking into a microphone

Hayley Moe: From Undecided to Decided

Students who don’t have a major find their path here. See how Hayley found hers.