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MSCI 2022 

Theme: Rekindling the Spark: Creating a Community of Care for Educators and Students
Keynote Speakers:  Gerry Brooks, Carol Radford, and Kelsey Myers
Wednesday Guest Speaker: Tim Reynolds
Date: June 20-22, 2022

Gerry Brooks   Carol Radford Kelsey Myers Tim Reynolds

MSCI 2021 Online

Theme: Students as Global Citizens in an Interconnected WorldKeynote Speakers:  Dana Mortenson and Patti TalbotWednesday Guest Speaker: Anthony Swann, Virginia Teacher of the YearDate: June 21-23, 2021

Dana Mortenson Patti Talbot

MSCI 2020 Online

Theme: MSCI 2020: Twenty Years of Twenty-First Century Teaching and Learning
Keynote Speakers: John Almarode and Donalyn Miller
Date: June 22-24, 2020

John Almarode Donalyn Miller
John Almarode Donalyn Miller

MSCI 2019

Theme: 21st Century Skills: Deeper Reading, Deeper Thinking, Deeper Learning
Keynote Speakers: Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle
Award Recipient: Diane Washenberger, Director of Instruction, Salem City Schools; lifelong educator
Luncheon Speaker: Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of books including Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman
Date: June 17-19, 2019

Kelly Gallagher Penny Kittle Marc T. Nobleman
Kelly Gallagher Penny Kittle Marc Tyler Nobleman

MSCI 2018

Theme:  21st Century Skills: Nurturing Writers Across the Grades
Keynote Speakers:  Kwame Alexander, Ruth Culham, Marcie Flinchum Atkins
Award Recipient:  Dr. N. L. Bishop, President, Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Luncheon Speakers:  Michael Abraham, Author, Adventurer, Businessman and Leslie Roberts Gregg, Owner -  Phoenix Nest Studios, Blacksburg, VA
Date:  June 25-27, 2018

Kwame Alexander Ruth Culham Marcie Flinchum Atkins Abraham&Roberts
Kwame Alexander Ruth Culham Marcie Flinchum Atkins Michael Abraham & Leslie Roberts Gregg

MSCI 2017

Theme:  21st Century Skills: Inspiring Creativity in the Classroom
Keynote Speakers:  Dave Burgess, George Couros
Award Recipient:  Peter Lewis, founder of Apple Ridge Farm, an educational retreat center for less fortunate children
Luncheon Speaker:  Natalie DiFusco-Funk, 2016 Virginia Teacher of the Year, and fifth-grade classroom teacher with City of Salem Schools
Date:  June 19-21, 2017

Headshot of Dave Burgess Headshot of George Couros Headshot of Natalie DiFusco
Dave Burgess George Couros Natalie DiFusco-Funk

MSCI 2016

Theme: Developing Lifelong Readers and Learners
Keynote Speakers: Donalyn Miller and Steven Lane, Ph.D.
Award Recipient: Nancy Ruth Patterson, children's author and former high school teacher
Luncheon Speaker: Dr. Joan Kindig, associate professor, reading education, at James Madison University
Date: June 20-22, 2016

Headshot of Donalyn Miller Headshot of Steven Layne Headshot of Joan Kindig
Donalyn Miller  Steven Layne, Ph.D. Joan Kindig, Ph.D.

MSCI 2015

Theme:  Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind
Keynote Speakers:  John Almarode, Ph.D., and Eric Jensen, Ph.D.
Award Recipient:  Dr. Timothy Reynolds, former professor of education, Roanoke College
Luncheon Speaker:  Philip Bigler, 1998 Teacher of the Year
Date:  June 22-24, 2015 

Headshot of John Almarode 
John Almarode, Ph.D.

Headshot of Eric Jensen 
Eric Jensen, Ph.D.

Headshot of Philip Bigler
Philip Bigler 

MSCI 2014

Theme:  Putting the Pieces Together: Revealing Student Growth and Instructional Excellence 
Keynote Speakers:   Dr. Anthony Frontier, director of teacher education program at Cardinal Stritch University, and Dr. Raymond Jones, master trainer for Project CRISS- Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies, and developer of webmaster for, a teaching resource website
Award Recipient and Luncheon Speaker:  Ms. Isabel Castillo, a co-founder of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance
Date: June 23-25, 2014

Headshot of Anthony Frontier   Headshot of Raymond Jones  Headshot of Isabel Castillo
Anthony Frontier, Ph.D.    Raymond Jones, Ph.D.         Isabel Castilo  


MSCI 2013

Theme:  Engaging the Net Generation as Learners: Using Technology to Enhance Student Learning
Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Ronald A. Berk, professor emeritus, Biostatistics and Measurement, and former assistant dean for teaching, Johns Hopkins University, and Dr. Greg Sherman, director of instructional technology program, Radford University
Award Recipient:  Doris Ennis, Roanoke Valley lifelong educator
Luncheon Speaker:  Dan Brown, author, teaching ambassador fellow, U.S. State Department of Education
Date:  June 17-19, 2013

 Headshot of Ronald Berk Headshot of Greg Sherman   Headshot of Dan Brown
 Ronald Berk, Ph.D. Greg Sherman, Ph.D.    Dan Brown


MSCI 2012

Theme:  Understanding by Design: Identifying Priorities and Targeting Actions to Improve Student Learning
Keynote Speakers:Dr. Kay Brimijoin, associate professor of Education, Sweet Briar College and Dr. Grant Wiggins, speaker, author and international consultant
Award Recipients: 
Dr. and Mrs. George Akers, retired educations from the Roanoke Valley
Luncheon Speaker:
Taylor Mali, author, speaker, and poet
  June 18-20, 2012

Headshot of Kay Brimijoin   Headshot of Grant Wiggins Headshot of Taylor Mali 
 Kay Brimijoin, Ph.D. Grant Wiggins, Ph.D.    Taylor Mali

MSCI 2011

Theme: Staying the Course: Renewing the Call to Teach
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Nel Nodding, Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education, Emerita, at Stanford University
Award Recipient: Dr. Lorraine Lange, Superintendent, Roanoke County Public Schools 
Luncheon Speaker:  Dr. Frank Winstead, worldwide consultant and teacher 

 Headshot of Nel Nodding  Headshot of Frank Winstead
Nel Nodding, Ph.D.  Frank Winstead, Ph.D.  

MSCI 2010

Theme:  Arts and Standards
Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Philip Yenawine, director, Visual Understanding in Education; Dr. Tom Crockett, Young Audiences, Arts for Learning, Virginia; Dr. Jan Norman, national director of education, research and development, Young Audiences; Katherine Devine, visual artist; Kendall Payne, Roanoke Theatre artist; and Cindy Petersen, Young Audiences, Arts for Learning, Virginia
Award Recipient and Luncheon Speaker:  Miss Ruth Pace, retired music teacher

Headshot of Tom Crockett   Headshot of Jan Norman  Headshot of Philip Yenawine
 Tom Crockett, Ph.D. Jan Norman, Ph.D.  Philip Yenawine, Ph.D.  

Headshot of Katherine Devine   Headshot of Ruth Pace  Headshot of Katherine Devine
 Katherine Devine  Ruth Pace Katherine Devine  

MSCI 2009
Theme: The changing Face of Who We Teach
Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Rita Pierson, a consultant on student diversity, Dr. Diane Rodriguez, Associate Professor and English Language Learner Specialist at East Carolina University
Award Recipient and Luncheon Speaker:  Dr. Betts Rivét, professor at Hwa Nan Women's College, Fuzhou, China
Date: June 22-24, 2009

Headshot of Rita Pierson  Headshot of Diane Rodriguez  Headshot of Betts Rivet 
Rita Pierson, Ph.D    Diane Rodriguez, Ph.D.  Betts Rivét, Ph.D.

MSCI 2008
Theme : The Inclusive Classroom 
Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Richard Lavoie, a consultant on learning disabilities, Mr. Jonathan Mooney, President of Project Eye-To-Eye, and Dr. Marilyn Friend, Professor of Specialized Education Services at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
Award Recipient and Luncheon Speaker:  Dr. Joan Kindig, author and associate professor at James Madison University 
Date : June 23-25, 2008

 Headshot of Richard Lavoie Headshot of Jonathan Mooney  Headshot of Marilyn Friend  Headshot of Joan Kindig
Richard Lavoie, Ph.D.    Jonathan Mooney, Ph.D. Marilyn Friend, Ph.D.   Joan Kindig

MSCI 2007
Theme :  Education Leadership 
Keynote Speakers :  Dr. Lorraine Monroe, Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute, New York, and Dr. Richard Sagor, Lewis and Clark College, Oregon 
Award Recipient :  Mr. William Robertson, middle school teacher 
Luncheon Speaker : Ms. Esmé Codell, author and teacher 
Date : June 25-27, 2007

 Headshot of Lorraine Monroe Headshot of Richard Sagor Headshot of Esme Codell 
Lorraine Monroe, Ph.D.   Richard Sagor, Ph.D.    Esmé Codell

MSCI 2006
Theme: Social Justice: A Moral Calling for Teachers
Keynote Speakers: Dr. William Ayers, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Dr. Gregory Michie, Illinois State University
Award Recipient: Mr. Ken Woodley, editor of The Farmville Herald
Award Luncheon Speaker: Mr. Jerry Mills, internationally acclaimed educator and singer/songwriter; Date: June 19-21, 2006

Headshot of William Ayers  Headshot of Greg Michie   Headshot of Jerry Mills
 William Ayers, Ph.D.  Greg Michie, Ph.D. Jerry Mills  

MSCI 2005
Theme:  Concept-Based Curriculum and Differentiated Instruction
Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Lynn Erickson, author and recognized presenter at national conferences in the areas of curriculum design; and Dr. Carol Tomlinson, associate professor of education leadership, Foundations and Policy at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education
Award Recipient:  Dr. David Gring, president emeritus, Roanoke College Luncheon Speaker:  Mr. Guy Doud, bestselling author and the 1986 National Teacher of the Year
Dates:  June 20-22, 2005.                                                                       

Headshot of Lynn Erickson  Headshot of Carol Tomlinson  Headshot of Guy Doud 
 Lynn Erickson, Ph.D.  Carol Tomlinson, Ph.D. Guy Doud  

MSCI 2004
Theme: "Cooperative Learning in the Classroom"
Keynote Speakers: Dr. David Johnson, University of Minnesota, and  Dr. Roger Johnson, University of Minnesota Luncheon Speaker:  Mr. Wil Clay, children's book illustrator and storyteller
Dates: June 21-23, 2004 

Headshot of David Johnson  Headshot of Roger Johnson  Headshot of Wil Clay 
 David Johnson, Ph.D.  Roger Johnson, Ph.D. Wil Clay 

MSCI 2003
Theme:  Multiple Intelligences and Differentiating Instruction by Learning Profiles
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard University and Dr. Kay Brimijoin, Sweetbriar College
Author: Dr. Gregory Michie
Dates: June 23-25, 2003  

 Headshot of Howard Gardner  Headshot of Kay Brimijoin Headshot of Greg Michie 
Howard Gardner, Ph.D.    Kay Brimijoin, Ph.D.   Greg Michie

MSCI 2002
Theme: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas: Inquiry-Based Instruction
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Kathleen Short, University of Arizona and Dr. Richard Beach, University of Minnesota
Author: Ms. Lou Kassem
Dates: June 17-19, 2002


MSCI 2001
Theme: Differentiated Instruction and Brain-Based Learning
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Carol Tomlinson, University of Virginia and Dr. M. Layne Kalbfleisch, Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Author: Dr. Nikki Giovanni
Dates: June 18-20, 2001

MSCI 2000
Theme: Engaged Reading
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Donna Alvermann, University of Georgia and Dr. John Guthrie, University of Maryland
Author: Ms. Karen Adams Sulkin
Dates: June 26-28, 2000