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A group of children with their hands in the air in front of a map of the world where each continent is a different color. North America is purple, South America is green, Europe is yellow, Africa is pink, Asia is teal and Oceania is orange

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MSCI 2021 Online

Students as Global Citizens in an Interconnected World

June 21 – 23, 2021

This year's institute will be held virtually on Zoom.

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Keynote Speakers

    Dana Mortenson                                           Patti Talbot

Dana Mortenson

Patti Talbot

Toward the goal of developing lifelong readers and learners, MSCI will focus on: 

  • Building classroom environments that engage students as responsible global citizens who have the competencies to affect positive change
  • Creating inclusive, adaptive schools that ensure all students thrive
  • Equipping students with skills and dispositions for a rapidly changing world
  • Fostering empathy within the school curriculum and culture
  • Exploring evidence-based practices
  • Knowing the student
  • Nurturing intrinsic motivation

The Margaret Sue Copenhaver Institute for Teaching and Learning provides quality professional development opportunities for PreK-12 teachers and administrators and for Roanoke College students. The Institute's emphases include:

  1. Consideration of cutting-edge perspectives relevant to the teaching profession;
  2. Determination of personal and practical ways to engage students as lifelong learners; and
  3. Examination of a variety of multimedia and instructional technology strategies and tools for enhancing students' growth as learners.

The Institute gives PreK-12 teachers the opportunity to develop and practice strategies for effective instruction in cooperation with the nation's leading educational scholars.