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At Roanoke College, we help students chart the course for lives with meaning and purpose and launch high-value careers. Our purpose is to help you find yours.

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Roanoke College Poll: 2021 Holiday Spending Report

Virginians plan to spend for the holidays, but much of it through online establishments. 


Washington Semester student meets Vice President Kamala Harris

The meeting occurred by happenstance, as Izzy Mack and Vice President Harris were both at the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. 


Trio of alumni perform on national television

Adam Rutledge ‘04 does Keith Urban impression on E! show “Clash of the Cover Bands” backed by Andy Neikirk ‘12 and Chris Neikirk ‘10.

Tuition Price Reset

Learn more about our reset, which provides clarity and aligns our published price closer to what students actually pay to attend. Our goal is that students consider overall fit rather than just financial fit when selecting their college. Roanoke College offers as much as $16,000 in merit and scholarships for student achievement.

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Love at first sight

Roanoke is considered one of the most beautiful schools in America.

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Buzzing on the inside

Roanoke may seem serene on the outside, but it's full of activity within.

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175 years young

Roanoke is a perfect blend of old and new. Stop in and you'll find historic buildings with 21st century technology.

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The best of both worlds

At Roanoke you get city and country-grab a latte in Salem, hike the Blue Ridge, then end the day in one of Roanoke city's many restaurants or clubs.

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Have a major in mind?

Roanoke offers more than 106 majors, minors, concentrations and pre-professional programs. Follow your passion here.


Still searching?

Relax--it's OK to be undecided. College is a time to explore, to try new things. We take pride in helping students figure it out. 

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Goodbye boring classes

You can skip most ordinary survey courses--in our core curriculum, you'll build knowledge and apply that to real problems and issues--through topics that interest you.

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The world is your teacher

At Roanoke you'll have opportunities to put knowledge into practice. Internships, service work, creative projects and study away will help you prepare for a career you'll love.

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Dr. Johann assists a female student with research in the lab

Help build the future

Dive into science

The latest news

Our students, faculty and alumni live on the cutting edge of the latest research. Whether it’s below the sea or within the human mind, Maroons never stop exploring.

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Building for the next century

Our Next-Generation Science Center, a new facility in the works, will be a state-of-the-art facility so students can prepare to create the world of the future.

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Find your passion

We offer nearly a dozen science majors, including new majors Data Science and Engineering Science. We keep an eye on growing job markets and add new areas of study accordingly. 

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A glimpse of our future

We’ve created renderings of what the new science center will look like, complete with a sleek modern look and spacious laboratories.

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How it works

Find your world

Through the Roanoke Lifework program, you discover a wealth of opportunities to try new things, explore new ideas and meet new people. You find your passion and see a future you want.

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Expand your world

You challenge assumptions about yourself and the world. Through study away and exposure to diverse communities, you gain a broader perspective.  You push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

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Build your world

You learn to think critically, solve problems and come up with innovative solutions. You sharpen your communication skills and become an effective leader. You chart your life path


Launch your world

We guarantee you the opportunity for real-world experiences that build your personal resume. Add practical skills, coaching from mentors, and help building your network, and you'll be ready to launch your career.


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Embrace Diversity

Get involved

Examining our history

Our new Center for Studying Structures of Race examines institutional racism at local, national and international levels.

Students are encouraged to get involved

Get the latest news

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page has all the information you could need, from the latest news to information about all of our programs.

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Changing the status quo

We recently unveiled a plan to make Roanoke a more inclusive and diverse campus.

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A club for everyone

Our many culturally-based clubs and organizations allow students to learn from their peers and meet people with different viewpoints.

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16 Fulbright Scholars

With a rigorous honors program, undergraduate research, programs at Oxford, and help applying for grants, you can do amazing work here.

Meet our Fulbright scholars

349 students conducted research

Many presented findings at professional conferences and published them in respected journals around the world.

Learn about student research

Internationally Renowned Faculty

Roanoke professors are recognized by their peers for scholarship and research, and most importantly, the quality of their teaching.

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44% Of Alumni Earn Advanced Degrees

After graduation, Roanoke students get into top-notch grad schools like Chicago, Duke, Georgetown, Notre Dame, William & Mary and Yale.

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Work hard/play hard

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Your other classroom

Hike the Blue Ridge. Raft the New River. Dive into a mountain lake. Bike through farmland. Fish in a trout-filled stream. It's all just outside your door.

Outdoor Adventures

No one is bored here

More than 100 clubs and organizations. 19 Sports. 9 fraternities and sororities. 6 religious groups. When it comes to activities, we're far from a small school.

Follow what you love

1461 things to do

Art exhibits, athletic events, lectures, plays, parties, performances-your calendar will never be empty.

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25% players, 100% fans

On the field or in the stands, whatever the game, Maroons take it seriously. See the spirit and drive that's brought us 102 ODAC championships in 35 years!

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Embrace the world

Pack your bags

Big world, bigger vision

Spend a semester abroad. Do a May term somewhere interesting. It's your ticket to a global future.

International Education

The world is calling

Erin Keating's love of Shakespeare and creative writing has taken her to the Globe Theatre in London. 

Erin Keating: English and Creative Writing

1 planet, 196 flavors

200+ international faculty and students. 100+ globally-focused courses.  220+ students travel during May Term, intern or do a semester abroad each year.

Find out how Diverse we are

Go far away in May

Think you might not be able to swing a semester abroad? Choose a travel course for May Term, and experience life somewhere else.

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Student in finance with bull

Love it, Do it

Get a running start

Jump Ahead

Thomas Lux's love of artificial intelligence opens doors to research projects and ultimately grad school.

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Two male students giving a presentation with a tv of their PowerPoint in the background.

Your resume starts on day 1

Four years can fly by. That's why we work with you from day one to develop the skills and experience you'll need to land a great job or get into a top grad school.

15,728 passionate lives

Roanoke grads live what they love. They bring passion to places like Amazon, Baltimore Orioles, ESPN, Harvard, JP Morgan, Merck, PepsiCo and Physicians for Peace.

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Build the future you want

Kate combines two disparate interests into a fulfilling career. 

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