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Curriculum & Courses

Instead of pushing information at you through ordinary general education courses you might find at other colleges, our core curriculum will allow you to pick from a portfolio of interesting topics — topics you're intrigued by and want to learn more about, and through these, explore fundamental concepts, apply them to current issues and build practical skills you'll use throughout your life. Roanoke is one of the few colleges in the country to implement such a creative approach to learning. 

student in class
“The ability to write and present in class professionally are skills that every student needs. The INQ courses are excellent for developing these traits.”

Daniel Graham '26, biochemistry major

Through courses like these, you'll develop critical thinking, learn scientific methodology, gain historical and cultural perspective, and apply them to contemporary issues.

  • Ancient Latin America
  • Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Chemistry and Crime
  • Energy at the Crossroads
  • Global Health Disparities
  • How Organisms Evolve
  • How Women Got the Vote
  • Mobile Apps
  • Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.
  • Psychology in the Media
  • Science vs. Religion?
  • Statistics and Food
  • Statistics and the Sports Industry
  • A Study of American Film