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Contact Admissions

Reach out to the Admissions Office at 540-375-2270 or email You may also reach out to members of our Admissions staff directly using the contact information below.

JP Pennix

Territory: Prince Georges Metropolitan (MD) & Southside Virginia

Janny Alvarado

Territory: California, Florida, Texas, and Virginia - Tidewater Region

Elise Bennett

Territory: American Students Abroad, International Students, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Kayla McKinney

Territory: Colorado, Central Virginia, Shenandoah, VA (outside 30 mi radius of RC), and Southwestern Virginia

Devon Mitchell

Territory: Connecticut, Delaware, Western Maryland, Montgomery Metropolitan (MD), Central Maryland, Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, Baltimore (MD), and Midwest (MI, IN, IL, WI)

Anna Noble

Territory: North Carolina & South Carolina

Tim Parker

Territory: New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Emily Pilat

Territory: Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Erik Rogers

Territory: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, West of the Mississippi (excluding CA, TX, LA, CO), and West Virginia

Cole Rosen

Territory: Shenandoah, VA (inside 30 mi radius of RC)

Bryan Ryberg

Territory: Richmond & Northern Neck

Tyler Wertman

Territory: Transfer, Graduate & Non-Degree Seeking Students