Unless there are schedule changes on Tuesday, the exam schedule returns to the normal schedule for the fall semester.  

Virginia Real Estate Indexes fell sharply over the fourth quarter, but remain strong. The index for current real estate conditions dropped almost 15 points from the record high last quarter but remain in strong territory particularly for the slow winter months.

The latest Roanoke College Poll looks at consumer sentiment. Virginians are feeling prosperous and the political divide has shrunk now that the mid-term elections are over. 

Roanoke junior Jenna Novosel featured in Living Lutheran and lots of other news from the Maroon Nation.


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Information Technology Maintenance Window

In order for Information Technology to keep the vital systems on campus up and running smoothly, it is necessary for there to be time each month when system updates and patches can be applied and routine maintenance performed. The next scheduled time for routine maintenance is Tuesday, December 18.



Olin Hall Theater
7:30 PM‐9:00 PM

Olin Hall Galleries

Bast Gym - Spring Activities Fair
5:00 PM‐7:00 PM




Hard Boiled & Scrambled Eggs*
Ham Steaks
O’Brien Potatoes
Hot Biscuits
Sticky Buns
MYO Omelets*
Fruit & Yogurt Bar*
Fresh Bagels


Baked Spaghetti
Veggie Spaghetti Bake
Vegetable Blend*
French Fries
Hot Dogs
Veggie Burgers*
Grilled Chicken*
Tossed Caesar
Cheesy Bread
MYO Omelets *
Garlic Bread Sticks
Brick Oven Pizza
Gourmet Deli Bar*
Tomato Soup
Salad Bar*
Bakery Station

Chicken Tenders