From hospitals to schools to the fire station, these graduates are making a difference in the Roanoke and Salem region.

Roanoke College played a role in announcing that a group of female cyclists who are preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are coming to the region.

Dr. Dwight C. Jones, Martin Luther King Jr. Day keynote speaker at Roanoke College, shares inspiring message of speaking up, speaking out and sacrificing for change.

Classes will begin on Tuesday Jan. 18 at the regular times.    


MaroonsRWell Faculty & Staff Fitness Classes!

Alumni 211

Join us Tuesdays at noon for faculty & staff fitness classes in Alumni 211!  This week we have BodyPump with Christine Stanley on Tuesday 1/25, followed by Yoga with Laura Leonard next Tuesday 2/1.  All equipment provided or feel free to bring your own. No experience necessary!

Launch Lab for Seniors & Recent Graduates

The PLACE (formerly Career Services) has rescheduled the LAUNCH LAB for Friday, February 11th (3pm – 7pm) and Saturday, February 12th (9am – 4pm) as well as additional (and different sessions) for Friday, February 18th (3pm – 7pm) and Saturday 19th (9am – 4pm).  

Want to study abroad during fall 2022? Apply by February 1!

You have a world of opportunities to study abroad. The fall 2022 deadline is right around the corner. Apply by February 1!


Food for Thought- Immunity Boost: Essential Oils for Healthy Living

2/3/2022 Virtual

Join MaroonsRWell and DB Poli for our first "Food for Thought" of the semester.   The science behind aromatherapy shows us that particular essential oils are well suited to support our immune system and help us have a healthier environment. 


Olin Hall Galleries
6:00 PM‐8:00 PM

Olin Hall Galleries
6:40 PM‐8:00 PM

Olin Hall Galleries
1:00 PM‐4:00 PM

Olin Recital Hall
7:30 PM‐9:30 PM

Sutton Terrace
6:00 PM‐9:00 PM

Massengill Auditorium
7:00 PM‐8:00 PM

Weather Cam



11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Grilled Salmon
Wild Rice Blend
Green Beans

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Buffalo Veggie Wrap

Pasta Bar
Brick Oven Pizza
Gourmet Deli Bar*
Salad Bar*
Bakery Station

Light Lunch
Salad Bar*
Brick Oven Pizza
Pasta Bar



4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Golden BBQ Chicken
Maple Roasted Sweet
Vegetable Blend
Corn Bread

Hibachi Steak with
Sticky Rice and
Yum Yum Sauce

Vegetarian Bar
Hibachi Tofu and

Pasta Bar
Brick Oven Pizza
Salad Bar*
Whole Wheat Pasta Toss
Bakery Station

Commons 238 seats open

Cavern 60 seats open

Freshens FULL


Chicken Tenders