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Alumni Weekend

Remember how beautiful it was every April - flowering trees, sunshine and fresh cut grass, and days that went on forever?  Join fellow Maroons who come back year after year for a taste of sunny Salem in the spring.  All the fun of college and none of the pressure!

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Date: Friday, April 05, 2019
Location: Roanoke College


Alumni News

Remembering alumnus Kim Kyusik, leader of Korean independence movement, 100 years later

One political and academic leader during Korean efforts to gain independence from Japan, Kim Kyusik, played various important roles throughout the movement and during the establishment of a provisional Korean government. He is also a graduate of Roanoke College.

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In Case You Missed This News

Forbes goes to Dr. Warden to analyze the latest archeological finding in Egypt. Roanoke was named a Hidden Gem of the Southeast. Dr. Benne publishes an op-ed and Toy Like Me makes Christmas even more special.

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Rasoul at Va. General Assembly as it marks 400 years

The Roanoke graduate is a member of the oldest legislative body in North America.

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Watch Video Roanoke Rising: The campaign for Roanoke College
Roanoke has never been in a better position to build on current strength to secure its place among America’s top colleges. With the momentum of our success, we launched a campaign to enable the college to outdo the expected like never before. Learn about Roanoke Rising.
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