We give you a running start

At Roanoke, we think there's more to college than finding your passion-you need to prepare for a career you'll love. That means applying knowledge to solve real-world problems. Gaining practical skills in writing, public speaking and group leadership. Building a resume around research, travel, service programs and internships that will impress employers. Tapping our 15,000 person alumni network for advice and connections. Come here, and we'll do everything we can from day one to help you prepare for an amazing career.

Maroons work at amazing places

95% job placement or grad school acceptance in 6 mo.

Student discussing career options with career services advisor

We’re with you from day one.

In your first freshman courses, Career Services staff will engage you in a discussion of who you are, what you want to be, and how college can help you get there.  You'll complete an interest profile questionnaire, such as My Next Move, that will help you identify what you like and find personalized career suggestions.

During your sophomore and junior years, we'll enroll you in our Maroon Mentors program, where you'll find opportunities for informational interviews and job shadowing. If grad school is part of your plan, we'll make sure you take the necessary examinations, and help you identify the best schools for your interest and prepare for application.

As graduation approaches, we'll help you create an impressive resume, write winning job/grad school applications, and coach you through the art of the interview.

Want to learn more about how we'll help you with your plan? Check out the Four-Year Planning Guidelines.

Already making their mark

Class of 2000 alum Paris Butler is completing plastic surgery training at the University of Pennsylvania

Paris Butler/Plastic Surgery Resident

Dr. Darwin Jorgensen planted the medical school seed in his head, and by the time Paris Butler '00 graduated from Roanoke, he had been accepted into more than a dozen schools, eventually choosing to attend the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He went on to complete a post-doctoral research fellowship at Stanford University, a master's degree in Public Health at UC-Berkeley, a general surgery residency at UVA and a plastic surgery residency at The University of Pennsylvania. Butler is now an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the plastic surgery division at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Sarah Morris dancing in Japan

Sarah Morris/Teacher in Japan

Sarah Morris ’16 was an International Relations major and a member of Pi Beta Kappa. While at Roanoke, she studied abroad in Japan and fell in love with the language and culture. Dr. Jenny Rosti helped her apply for the prestigious Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) program.  After being named a semi-finalist and interviewing at the Japanese embassy, she was awarded the position. She teaches at local elementary and junior high schools in Nomi City, Ishikawa, Japan and also is a member of the local Yosakoi Soran dance team.  “I am grateful for everyone at Roanoke College who helped me reach this point in my life.”  

Class of 2013 alum Heather Duvall is a dolphin trainer for the U.S. Navy marine mammal program

Heather Duvall/Dolphin Trainer

"I've been passionate about marine life for as long as I can remember, but Roanoke has pushed me in the right direction to find a job doing what I love," biology major Heather Duvall '13 said. After graduation, Dr. Rachel Collins recommended Duvall for a very competitive internship with the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program. Duvall is now a dolphin trainer with the U.S. Navy marine mammal program.

Class of 2008 alum Karim Rashad is the creative director at HM Branding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Karim Rashad/Creative Director

As a communications major, Karim Rashad '08 worked as a designer in college's public relations department and then did a three-month internship at MTV Networks. His work experiences during college helped him get a job as a graphic designer right out of school. He has since worked for VMI and ESPN in production and multimedia. He's currently a freelance creative director in Atlanta. 

Class of 2003 alum Shelley Olds is one of the highest-ranked women's cyclists and competed in the 2012 London Olympics

Shelley Olds/Professional Cyclist

Shelley Olds '03 has always placed athletics near the top of her must-do list. At Roanoke, the health and human performance major was captain of the women's soccer team. Two years after graduation, she was introduced to cycling. Since then, she has soared, becoming one of the highest-ranked women's cyclists in the world. In 2012, she competed in the London Olympic Games as a member of the U.S. Women's road race team. Currently, she is a member of the Bigla Pro Cycling Team in L'Estartit, Spain.

Class of 2010 alum Kayvon Sarmadi works for UBS Financial Services in Washington, DC as a financial advisor

Kayvon Sarmadi/Financial Advisor

Kayvon Sarmadi '10 majored in business administration, with a minor in marketing. During his four years at Roanoke, he was on the men's varsity soccer team and helped to run the Student Managed Fund, where he found his passion for finance. He was recruited by UBS Financial Services during his last semester at Roanoke and has worked as a financial advisor in their Washington DC office since graduation. 

Class of 2013 alum Maggie Anderson works for the office of Virginia Senator Mark Warner as a legislative correspondent

Maggie Anderson/Legislative Correspondent

A Capitol Hill internship gave Maggie Anderson '13 a jump in her political career. Anderson now is a legislative correspondent for Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., working in the same office as her internship. As a Roanoke student, she volunteered for President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign, and she was president of Roanoke College Democrats and the Public Affairs Society. For Warner's Washington, D.C., office, Anderson covers agriculture, the environment, animal welfare and other issues. "I have a deep passion for public service, especially in Virginia," she says.