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Mentoring Culture

Coaching is in our DNA

All professors have a deep love of learning; what sets our professors apart is their love of teaching. They’ve found their passion – now, they want to help you find yours. Interesting, engaging classes are only part of the equation here. Your professors will take a personal interest in you, encouraging you to explore, challenge yourself, and find and excel at what you love.

Working with your advisor, and your faculty and alumni mentors, you'll identify what you love and do well, and develop a program to build on those interests and strengths through academic courses, real-world experiences and extracurricular activities. You'll create your own plan for the future, which will serve as a map to the career you want after Roanoke.  

  • 96%

    of alumni say that Roanoke professors are genuinely interested in students

  • 90%

    of alumni say report that their professors at Roanoke influenced their personal growth

  • 95%

    of Roanoke professors discuss issues outside of class with their students

  • 93%

    of alumni are satisfied with their education

  • Ivey is pursuing a Ph.D. in U.S. history – specifically, histories of slavery, freedom and unfreedom – at Indiana University–Bloomington. Her work with Dr. Bucher did much to set the stage for her continuing educational journey.  

    “My work with Dr. Jesse Bucher at the Center for Studying Structures of Race taught me what I know regarding research methods, pushing the limits of conventional history and recognizing injustices in the archive. Without his mentorship and encouragement, I would have never applied to Summer Scholars, a Smithsonian internship or conferences, let alone graduate school. As a first-generation student, navigating academia is difficult, daunting and confusing, but meeting Dr. Bucher changed my academic trajectory and led me to pursue a Ph.D. in history.”   

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  • Ethan is pursuing majors in both economics and political science at Roanoke. Every year, he participates in the ECON Lab, an initiative of Roanoke College’s Center for Economic Freedom that is helmed by center director Dr. Kassens. 

    “Through the Econ Lab, Dr. Kassens has supported my research on a variety of topics from the stock market to board games. In her classes, I learned valuable skills that I have used in my internship at Self-Help Credit Union to analyze loans. She has brought speakers to campus and run the econ book club that exposed me to countless theories and perspectives. Wherever I end up after Roanoke, I know that I will have the analytical and professional skills to succeed because of Dr. Kassens.” 

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