Olin Hall Galleries

Biennial Exhibition

Friday January 25 - March 17

Accepted Biennial Artists: Peter Allen, Betsy Bannan, Susan B. Bidwell, Deliece Blanchard, Steven Casanova, Stefnie Cerny, Ingrid Chase, Ruth Cline, Eric Cowan, Duane Cregger, Federico Cuatiacuati, Esther Davis, Isaac Davis, Dymph de Wild, Virginia Derryberry, Andy Foster, Andre Franklin, Joel Gibbs, Jim Henry, Amy Herzel, Joe Ingram, James Jones, Haden King, Jonathan Lee, Ava Lorens, Elizabeth Mead, Tim Michel, Ana Morales, Sarah Muse,  Shawn O’Connor, Martha Olsen, Simone Paterson, Aaron Pavelis, Fleda Ring, Michale Rodriguez, Kirsten Sadler, Halide Salam, Melissa Schappell, Robert Schultz, Kenneth Smith, Robert Sulkin, Kim Sutliff, Paulina Swietliczko, Larry Taylor, Nicholas Umstead, Felta Virginia, Brebt Webb, Shaun C. Whiteside, Liza Wimblish, and William Wylie

The Juried Biennial at Olin Hall Galleries has been exhibited every two years since 1990. The juried exhibition exemplifies works of art from artists within 200 mile radius of Roanoke College. Fine Arts media including but not limited to ceramics, graphic design, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, and video and are accepted for submission.