Institute for Policy and Opinion Research

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research (IPOR) conducts regular surveys within the Commonwealth of Virginia. These polls focus on political, economic, and social issues of importance throughout the state. Many of these polls focus on electoral politics, but we also poll on important social issues. IPOR is the only organization measuring consumer sentiment and real estate outlook in Virginia. Those polls are conducted quarterly in November, February, May and August.

IPOR's polls are underwritten by Roanoke College as a public service, providing Virginians and state leaders with information regarding the opinions of its citizens on various issues. IPOR is non-partisan and non-ideological. IPOR works with governmental agencies and private businesses when it does not conflict with mission of Roanoke College or the independence of IPOR.

The Institute operates a 20-station, state-of-the-art, Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interview (CATI) call center on the Roanoke College campus. In addition to telephone polls, IPOR conducts mail, internet, and personal interview surveys. The Institute also completes program evaluations using appropriate methods for each project undertaken. IPOR sometimes works with non-profit agencies on a reduced-cost basis.


Recent news from IPOR

RC Poll: Virginians not enamored of President Trump, lean left on immigration; Democrats and Republicans divided

Virginians generally disapprove of Trump's presidency so far and think he is moving too quickly on policies.  Overall, a majority of Virginians see the nation divided regarding the important issues facing the U.S.

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RC Poll - Virginia General Assembly

Virginians weigh in on felony theft, voting right restoration, minimum wage, abortion limitations and more. 

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RC Poll: Va Consumer Sentiment - Election keys flip in party sentiment, holiday spending expected to fall

The Virginia Index of Consumer Sentiment is down three points since August, the measure's record high. Sentiment is above the preliminary national November value of 91.6. A sizable drop in optimism about the future is largely offset by growth in sentiments about current household finances and economic conditions. 

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Final RC Poll before election shows Clinton with 7 point lead over Trump in Va.

The Roanoke College Poll shows Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading Republican nominee Donald Trump. There is evidence FBI Director James Comey's announcement last week regarding the renewed email investigation did impact some voters' decisions.

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2016 Virginia Business Leaders Poll

The Roanoke College Institute for Policy and Opinion Research (IPOR) conducted its first Virginia Business Leaders Poll in which 310 CEOs of Virginia companies with sales of at least $5 million in the last year were asked a variety of questions pertaining to the local and national economy and business climate.

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Clinton maintains lead in Virginia; first debate favored Clinton, but race mostly static

Nearly two-thirds of likely voters said they were very interested in the campaign, while much of the support for each major party candidate is solid.  

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You may contact the Institute at or by calling Dr. Harry Wilson, Director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research, at (540) 375-2415.