Gender and Women's Studies

About the program

The gender and women's studies concentration investigates the cultural categories of masculinity and femininity (and the mixtures of the two). Students gain insight into gender as it was understood in the past, as it influences the present and as it may transform in the future.

Why study gender & women's studies at Roanoke?

  • Mix it up. You might read a novel from a female perspective, research social attitudes toward male caregivers or discuss the politics of sexuality. The concentration offers such topics as History of Witchcraft, Sociology of Sex and Gender, Feminist Readings of the Bible and special topics courses.
  • Take another look. The program examines gender from a variety of lenses-including society, history, literature, politics, religion and media. A student can tailor coursework according to their particular interests and goals.
  • Ask big questions. Is gender inborn or a product of society? Are women and men basically the same or different? What counts as gender inequality? The program encourages students to ask their own questions-and seek answers through a flexible curriculum.
  • Go for gold. Students are encouraged to pursue firsthand learning through research, creative works and community service projects-all of which can be submitted for the gender and women's studies annual cash-prize competition.

What's next?

A concentration in gender and women's studies emphasizes critical thinking skills that deepen a student's insights into many different areas of study. Students in gender and women's studies can go on to pursue careers or graduate degrees in art, business, education, health care, media, politics, law, social work, psychology, sports or any other field that benefits from a strong liberal arts education.

Program Requirements

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