Parents Leadership Council

The goal of the Roanoke College Parent Leadership Council is to give parents the opportunity to enhance the value of their children's education through advocacy, advisement and philanthropy.

  • Advocacy: Parent Leadership Council members are ambassadors for the College. They represent Roanoke College to prospective students and families. They encourage the success of students after graduation through participation in career development programs. They host events for the Roanoke College community, and they look for opportunities to participate in College events both on and off campus.
  • Advertisement: Council members meet twice a year to learn about the College's activities, policies, programs, concerns, and plans for future development. In turn, the Council provides parents with a way to share their observations, suggestions, or concerns about the College and its programs, plans and student life issues.
  • Philanthropy: Council members support the College with their own leadership gifts, and encourage other parents to help the College reach its annual goal by giving to the Roanoke Fund.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Grace Theodore 
Assistant Vice President & Campaign Director

Family Weekend

The PLC hosts a parents reception during Family Weekend

"We always felt the best fit in a college education for our daughter would be a liberal arts education. We wanted her to be exposed to a wide and diverse variety of subjects. We wanted her to develop skills such as reasoning, communicating and analyzing; the type of skills needed for any kind of employment as well as for navigating life in general. We also wanted her to have a rich social life, many extracurricular activities to choose from and a safe environment in which to grow and mature as a person. She has experienced all of this at Roanoke College."

Ann and Mike McCartin, PLC Co-chairs